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Accessory Management

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Accessory Management Overview

Control is everything when you ride a motorcycle. Whether you’re roaring down the highway on a Harley-Davidson Street Glide or navigating challenging off-pavement trails on a BMW F 750 GS, you have to remain in total control of your bike at all times.

But control isn’t just about gripping the handlebar. Every accessory and auxiliary light must be properly controlled and managed to maximize safety and visibility even in the roughest, toughest conditions.

That’s something you can only do with proper electrical accessory controllers. DENALI CANsmart Accessory Controllers provide intelligent control just the way you need it.

DENALI CANsmart controllers’ plug-and-play installation makes it easy to slap them onto your ride. They provide pre-programmed, independent control of up to four accessories, including two sets of DENALI lights, a SoundBomb motorcycle horn, and DENALI B6 auxiliary brake lights.

And those two light sets? They can be any motorcycle light kits. Headlights, ditch lights, handlebar lights… You name it.

It could be that you already have some lights or accessories that aren’t DENALI products. And hey, that’s perfectly alright – we all have our preferences. That’s why we put the Simple Circuit Over-Ride feature in the CANsmart controllers, so you can run any accessory on any of the four circuits - heated gear, GPS units, camera systems, etc. 

When you need more power – or ride a bike other than a BMW – we have the CANsmart controllers ready to go. In addition to BMW, they also support a selection of Harley-Davidson and KTM motorcycles, because good things should be shared with everybody. More applications are in development!

The controllers put out a full 10 amps of continuous power from all circuits, each of which can be configured for any accessory type. You can plug exactly the moto lights, bits, and bobs you need to make your adventures safer and more memorable. Our Harley-Davidson CANbus Pass-Through adapter also lets you plug existing aftermarket parts with a diagnostic port connection into the CANsmart controller.

The CANsmarts have two new auxiliary light settings for increased visibility. Just as an example, you can now modulate your auxiliary lights. The Gen II controller can also independently cancel your left or right side lights when you switch on the turn signal.

Speaking of power, need to connect up to six accessories to your bike? Let us introduce you to a little boxy friend called the PowerHub2. This water-resistant power distribution module brings all accessory wiring into one convenient hub, with each output able to dish out 15 amps of continuous or switched power. Also, the consolidated wiring makes your bike look just that much neater. This is a great option for those who don’t have a bike with CANsmart compatibility!

Safety is all about control, and smart technology is today’s hot stuff. We at DENALI made our accessory controllers smart so you can keep your eyes on the road and focus on controlling your ride. Let us take care of all the extra bits.