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Switches, Wiring Harnesses & Accessory Controllers

Wiring options are available for all vehicle types. Our standard kits come with the motorcycle harness included, which is perfect for all motorcycle and most small vehicles (think small ATV’s) applications. The powersports harness works perfectly on most SxS, ATV and go-carts. The automotive harness is much larger and gives enough reach for installation of lights on any type of car, truck or SUV. When purchasing lights for a powersports or automotive application, be sure to purchase the light pods and wiring harness individually, to save you money and keep you from having extra parts at the end of the project! A variety of dimming controllers (DataDim dual intensity controller), power distribution modules (powerhub), Y-splitters, extensions, and adapters are available for your application as well. If you have a H4 or 194 light, adapters are available to make installation a breeze. We also provide a variety of replacement pigtails, connector pins, fuses and more!

The CANsmart Accessory Controller (an intelligent electronics controller) is also available for select BMW, KTM and Harley Davidson motorcycle applications! This controller provides independent control of each circuit, which allows users to select settings based on their accessories used and style of riding!  High/low beam synchronization, modulating lights, flash to pass, strobe with horn, cancel with turn signal, deceleration activated smart brake, flash pattern braking and delayed time out are just a few of the setting options available with the CANsmart!