LED Turn Signals

LED Turn Signals

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LED Turn Signals & Switchback Turn Signals 

The T3 is a unique and innovative approach to the common turn signal blending visibility lighting, brake lighting, and turn signal lighting into one modular system. The front T3 pods feature super bright white running lights that switch to amber when your turn signal is activated, while the rear T3 pods feature red LEDs for run and brake functionality that also switch to amber when your turn signal is activated.

Unlike other switchback turn signals, the T3s feature two separate rows of high-power single-color LEDs as opposed to weaker bi-color LEDs. The result is an incredibly bright light strip, nearly as bright as our auxiliary driving lights! While the T3s are available in a traditional turn signal housing, this low-profile modular signal pod is designed to be mounted to a variety of other locations on the front and rear of your vehicle. Dedicated front mounting kits allow T3s to be mounted to handguards, front fenders, and body panels, while rear mounting kits allow them to be mounted to side cases, license plates, and rear fenders. Direct turn signal replacement mounts are available for motorcycles as well! The modular low-profile housing coupled with high power LEDs make the T3 the brightest and most versatile switchback turn signal on the market.

The T3 can be used for other applications as well. Looking for interior lighting for your overlanding rig or camper? Needing external lights on the side of your vehicle to light up your camp area at night? Utilize the T3 on a 3 position switch and select the color you wish to use to light your camp area - either white/amber or red/amber.