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SoundBomb Horns


A motorcycle horn is not just a federally mandated accessory or a nice-to-have. And a horn loud enough to get the attention of errant and careless drivers is not just a luxury. For daily riders, touring fans, and city commuters, an attention-getting horn is much, much more—it’s a necessity. 

DENALI has exactly what you need in two horn families under one name: SoundBomb. These electrically driven horns can supplement or replace the weak tooter in your car or motorcycle, greatly improving the chances that you will be heard over other traffic, city noise or even very loudly mooing livestock. 

DENALI’s SoundBomb series of three powerful motorcycle and UTV horns provide high-value propositions in three footprints, which are specially designed to be easy to install. The SoundBomb Compact Dual-Tone Air Horn is a 120-decibel beast in one compact assembly, seamlessly connecting the 12-volt, high-capacity air compressor and the durable, lightweight acoustic module in one sturdy package. It includes a molded clamp for simple installations. DENALI also makes a wide range of vehicle-specific mounts and offers a truly plug-and-play wiring harness to make installation really easy.

Sometimes, though, there’s no enough room under the hood for a one-piece horn, and that’s where the DENALI SoundBomb Split comes into its own. It’s the same basic horn as the SoundBomb Compact only with the 12-volt air compressor and the horn itself separated by a supplied durable hose. This feature allows installers to locate each component where they make the most sense, without compromising performance. Like the SoundBomb one-piece, the SoundBomb Split is available with a plug-and-play wiring harness that includes a water-resistance relay and high-quality wiring with pre-installed connectors.

A high-value alternative, one that’s really handy when space is absolutely at a premium, is the DENALI SoundBomb Mini Low-Tone Horn. Far more powerful than horns on most powersports vehicles, the SoundBomb Mini sill puts out 113 decibels of attention-getting sound but fits into a space less than 3.5 inches square and 2.5 inches deep. Moreover, the Mini is quite power efficient, meaning that many vehicles can handle the needed 5-amp load without needing an external power relay. And if that’s not the case for your application, a Plug&Play harness is also available. 

DENALI’s three SoundBomb choices are designed to fit the widest range of powersports vehicles on the road or on the trail. If you want to alert a careless driver or move a moose off the trail, the SoundBomb is your best bet.