Universal Light Mounts

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Universal Light Mounts

Where many accessory manufacturers leave you on your own to fit their products to your vehicle, that’s not the DENALI way. No, in fact, we put a lot of effort into making high-end vehicle-specific mounts that work for a broad array of LED motorcycle lights, LED off-road lights, powerful horns, and other desirable accessories. 

But sometimes, either when there isn’t a model-specific fitment yet (hello there, early adopter!) or you want to go your own way, the best option is a Universal Light Mount. Here’s we’ve got your covered.

DENALI has a range of four clamp-style mounts that work for a huge variety of options, whether that’s installing your driving lights on a motorcycle crash guard, or putting the best LED off-road lights on the tubular grille guard on your kick-ass Jeep. Each of these Bar Clamp Light Mount Kits includes everything you need to get started. The octagonal inner surfaces of the clamp work better on slightly irregular surfaces than purely round clamps, and twin offset mounting screws mean you can both fully secure the clamp to most surfaces but you can attach it easily without having to take your vehicle apart.

In addition, DENALI’s Bar Clamp kits include a fully rotatable mounting shelf so you can independently choose the level of the mounting face from the angle of the bar it’s all attached to. This might not sound important until you try to get your LED driving lights aimed just right. The mounting shelves rotate a full 360 degrees to give you maximum options.

The four clamps cover four size ranges. The smallest fits tubes from 21mm to 29mm (0.83 to 1.125 inches), perfect for most crash bars and frame tubes on motorcycles and ATVs. The next size covers 32mm to 38mm (1.25 to 1.5 inches), good for larger crashbars and many UTV luggage racks. Next up is the Driving Light Mount for 39mm to 49mm tubes (1.6 to 1.875 inches) followed by the big momma, for tubes 50mm to 60mm (2 to 2.375 inches) in diameter, which covers a lot of motorcycle fork tubes. 

To mount lights or horn assemblies to something other than a tube, DENALI has specific brackets (straight and L shaped) pre-sized for the mounting stems on all our LED lights, as well as a pivoting Driving Light Mount for fenders or other locations on your motorcycle, car, or ATV that already has 5mm, 6mm or 8mm threaded holes. Finally, a straight fender mount, popular with sportbike riders, fits installations that have 5mm or 6mm threaded holes available.