Power Distribution & Plug n Play Wiring

We know you want to spend less time in the garage and more time on the road. Our plug n play wiring harnesses and adapters are clean, simple, and take all the guess work out of installing electronic accessories.

Plug n Play Harnesses

Our light and horn harness come with everything you need to quickly and easily install our products into your vehicle with no cutting, crimping or soldering necessary.

Power Taps

Take the guess work out of wiring. Our Power Taps plug inline between an existing connector in your vehicle to provide a switched 12V power source for adding additional electronic accessories.

Horn Adapters

If you own a BMW you might have noticed your horn uses a proprietary connector. No worries, use our horn adapters for plug n play installation of aftermarket horns.

Headlight Adapters

Our headlight adapters enable plug n play installation of LED headlight modules in vehicles that don't use a standard H4 connector. Available for models with original H9/H11 or Harley-Davidson LED connectors.

Switches & Switch Mounts

We provide a variety of switches and switch mounts to create clean custom controls that fit your vehicle. Choose between a perch mounted switch or handlebar mounted switch.