OEM & Custom Development

In addition to developing our own products, we are proud to offer OEM development, contract manufacturing and private label services for brands in the automotive and outdoor product industries.

Contract Design & Manufacturing Services

• Complete custom development of aftermarket or OE LED lighting solutions

• Beam optimization to meet DOT, SAE and E Mark certifications

• Metalwork including casting, forming, CNC machining, welding & heavy-gauge sheet metal fabrication

• CANbus vehicle integration - plug-&-play compatibility to CANbus vehicles

• Manufacturing options in USA, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, and China

• Private label and white label development options are also available

• Low minimum order QTYs and short lead times

Browse our case studies below to see some of our most recent custom and OEM projects.

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OEM LED Lighting

Yamaha trusted us to design and manufacture their genuine Yamaha auxiliary light kit for a new vehicle.

CAN bus Integration

Our proprietary CANsmart controller is the industry leading platform to add electrical accessories to CANbus vehicles.

Accessory Development

We designed and manufactured Segway's entire accessory program consisting of over ten unique products.

Contract Manufacturing

Got a cool product idea, but need help bringing it to market? See how we made Analog's vision a reality.

Genuine Yamaha® Auxiliary Light Kit

We worked with Yamaha's USA accessory planning and engineering teams to design and manufacture their genuine Yamaha auxiliary light kit for the Yamaha Star Venture.

Our design, production and assembly process was vetted and confirmed to meet the strict standards required to become an official Yamaha component supplier.

The project included a completely customized version of our D2 light, a custom plug-&-play wiring harness with LED switch, as well as a machined and formed aluminum mounting assembly.

RAM® Wireless CAN bus Compatible Phone Charging System

We recently partnered with RAM Mounts® to make their hottest new product plug-&-play compatible with CAN bus vehicles. By leveraging our proprietary CANsmart™ platform, we were able to provide RAM with plug-&-play connection to over 100 specific motorcycles.

If you make any type of automotive electronics and want to access the vehicles data to control your accessory, give us a call. We can read just about everything that the vehicle is doing and allow your products to interface with these outputs.

Temperature, acceleration, lean angle, time of day, tire pressure and lighting configurations are just a few examples of the type of data our CANsmart™ platform can read in real time.

Segway® PowerPack Case & Accessories

When Segway wanted to launch a new model that was designed for commercial applications they brought us on board to develop the entire accessory platform.

The centerpiece of the package was the PowerPack Front Case that provided on-board power, a horn and switchable lighting for use in warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

We also developed a modular quick-release storage system that allowed commercial users to attach existing types of storage containers to the Segway platform.

Analog™ Motor Goods Micro Turn Signal

Don't let it's small size fool you. Designing and manufacturing a high performance LED light this small posed unique manufacturing challenges.

With the face too small for a traditional PC lens, we developed a production technique to pour the lens using optically clear epoxy.

If you have a product idea but don't have an engineering team that can transform your idea into a commercial product, give us a call.