BMW MOA Turned 50 at the 2022 Rally in Springfield, MO

June 22 2022

BMW MOA Turned 50 at the 2022 Rally in Springfield, MO

The BMW Motorcycle Owner's Association celebrated its 50th year at the MOA Rally in Springfield, MO last weekend. MOA Rally is one of the biggest gatherings of BMW motorcycle owners in the world and the weekend was full of great seminars, tons of community spirit, and awesome discounts from the nearly one-hundred vendors.

DENALI Electronics has been a long-time supporter of the MOA and the annual rally! If you came by our booth, you saw nearly our entire line of products on display as well as a handful of display motorcycles to show our lights, horns, and accessory management solutions in action.



Announced at the rally, BMW MOA MotorradFest will take place October 6-8 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN. MOA MotorradFest will host a variety of events including an ADV Moto challenge, a GrandPrix slow race on 310's, and a law enforcement RT-P skill competition.  We will be there selling lights and answering all of your questions about outfitting your bike! Learn more about MotorradFest at

As good as all of the discounts and training events are at MOA Rally, the hidden gem of the event is the close-knit community of BMW riders. Thousands of riders from all over the continent ride or drive to the rally and we want to highlight some of their motorcycles.