Beam Patterns

Understanding where different beam patterns focus the light is the first step in creating the optimum lighting configuration for your vehicle. Scroll down to see an overview of all available beam patterns, watch a beam pattern simulator or check out the actual photometric lab tests of each of our light kits.

Visibility Beams

Scene & Be SeenDesigned to illuminate the immediate area around your vehicle & provide significant visibility to other vehicles on the road. Featured in our DRL, B6 Brake, and Backup Visibility Pods. 

Flood Beams

Low Speed, High Visibility - Flood beams concentrate the light up close and out to the sides. When mounted down low they can also be used to maximize visibility to other vehicles. 

Hybrid Beams

All Around Driving - Hybrid beams give you the best of both; a wide close-range flood and a piercing spot beam in one housing. If you're only running one set of lights a hybrid beam is the best option. 

Spot Beams

High Speed, Maximum Distance - Spot beams generate the greatest beam distance by  focusing all the LEDs power straight ahead. They are ideal for high speed visibility in dark driving conditions. 

LED Light Beam Patterns