Crazy Bright, Barely Legal

Our new D3s are so bright you won't believe they're SAE & ECE compliant!

D3 High-Performance Fog Light

D3 Fog Light Pod Specs

Pod Size: 3.5" (90mm) Round x 2.55" (65mm) Deep
LEDs: (4x) 11 Watt Cree XP-P LEDs 
Power Draw: 40 Watts (3.3 Amps)
Lumens: 2800
DataDim™ Compatible: Yes 
Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC 
IP67 Waterproof & Submersible
Fog Lens Certifications: SAE/DOT J583 & ECE R19 

With a beam distance of 450 feet and a beam width of 300 feet (per pair), our D3 Fog Light is the brightest street-legal fog light to pass both the SAE (North America) and ECE (European Union) fog light regulations. Our unique Asymmetrical Optics were painstakingly engineered to achieve the maximum possible beam intensity in each of the regulated lighting zones.

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D3 TriOptic™ LED Driving Light

D3 Driving Light Pod Specs   

Pod Size: 3.5" (90mm) Round x 2.55" (65mm) Deep
LEDs: (3x) 11 Watt Cree XP-P LEDs 
Power Draw: 36 Watts (3 Amps)
Lumens: 2100
DataDim™ Compatible: Yes 
Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC 
IP67 Waterproof & Submersible
Hybrid Lens Certifications: SAE/DOT J581 & ECE R112 
Spot Lens Certifications: SAE/DOT J581 & ECE R112 

Like all other DENALI TriOptic™ Lights, a single D3 driving light pod includes both the spot and hybrid lens so you can run a full spot beam, a full hybrid driving beam, or one of each to create a spot/hybrid combo. The hybrid lens option is both SAE and ECE certified while the maxed-out spot lens is only ECE certified because it is too bright to pass SAE regulations.

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Amber & Selective Yellow Lens Options

The D3 fog and D3 TriOptic lights are available in all three of our signature lens colors; clear, amber, & selective yellow.

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Fog Light Upgrade Kits

Maximum Performance // OEM Styling

D3 High Power Fog Light Kits

It's no accident that our new D3 Fog, Spot & Hybrid Driving light are exactly 90mm. That is the industry standard OEM fog light size for most Jeeps, Trucks, Subaru's and more!

Our plug-&-play fog light retrofit kits mount our D3s in the factory fog pocket giving you the option for a true street-legal SAE fog beam or high power SAE hybrid driving beam! Kit are available in clear, amber, or slecective yellow lens options.

Average MSRP (for lights plus fog mount and wiring adapters): $400 USD

Ford F-Series Trucks

Mount Only: LAH.54.10000
Fog Light Kit: LAH.54.10100
Driving Light Kit: LAH.54.10200

Available Now!

Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator

Mount Only: LAH.50.10400
Fog Light Kit: LAH.50.10600
Driving Light Kit: LAH.50.10700

Available March 2023!

Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, 4-Runner

Mount Only: LAH.51.10000
Fog Light Kit: LAH.51.10100
Driving Light Kit: LAH.51.10200

Available March 2023!

DENALI D3 Series - SAE & ECE Compliant Fog & Driving Lights

Our new D3 LED lights build upon a decade of DENALI innovation to deliver the highest performing street-legal fog light to hit the market. The D3 is also available in our signature TriOptic™ beam pattern that includes a spot and driving lens option with each pod. Unlike all previous TriOptic™ D-Series lights, the D3 driving beam is ECE and SAE compliant reaching the maximum allowable candela for each of the regulated lighting zones! 

Cool, but how is it different from everything else on the market? 

Meeting the SAE (North America) and ECE (European Union) fog light standard is no small feat, and any lighting manufacturer that can meet these specs has top-tier design and engineering capabilities. But what separates a top-tier product from the market leader is the difference between simply meeting a specification vs. maxing out a specification. We spent over a year engineering and lab testing our proprietary fog optic to ensure that it didn't just meet the SAE and ECE regulation, but reached the maximum allowable candela (beam distance and intensity).  

How did we do it, & why don't our competitors do it too?  

Simply put, it's freakin hard to do and requires innovation as opposed to reverse engineering. One hundred percent of the fog lights on the market either use an off-the-shelf optic or design a custom one. The weak fog lights only have one optic, or lens, and the higher performing ones have up to four, but these multi-optic lights still just use a multiple of the same optic or lens. We started developing our optics this way but quickly learned that we could not increase the light output anywhere near the max allowable candela without going over in an adjacent regulated lighting zone.

In other words, the reason that the majority of fog lights are nowhere near the allowable candela is because if they try to bump up the light output to the max candela in the center, they will "overshoot" the surrounding lighting zones that require a sharp cut-off for the fog beam. The easy solution is to dial back the light output to meet the complete regulation in every lighting zone. 

Did somebody say dial back? Not in our house! Our innovative solution was to custom engineer an asymmetrical quad-optic lens that allowed us to strategically hit max allowable candela in all regulated lighting zones without overshooting the zones that require the sharp fog light "cut-off". Only then were we able to reach the limits of the regulation and introduce a fog that we could be proud of! 

D3 Performance

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