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The guy in the big truck pulling cattle starts a lane change just as you’re coming beside. The soccer mom in the minivan, distracted by squalling kids, doesn’t notice you coming down the block. Now is the time you need to get their attention, and the best way is with a truly loud motorcycle horn. You’ve come to the right place. DENALI has become an expert in motorcycle air horns and compact, high-power electric horns for every brand from Aprilia to Zundapp, and everything in between like your basic Hondas and Harley-Davidsons. 

DENALI offers three basic horn models. The SoundBomb Dual-Tone Air Horn is the cornerstone, a compact, light and very durable all-in-one horn that fits most motorcycles and offers an ear-splitting 120 decibels of sound, which is four times louder than even the best original-equipment motorcycle horns. To keep things simple, the DENALI SoundBomb air horn is built as a single piece, with the air compressor and custom-designed acoustic nestled together. And for the most common V-twin applications, where the horn is hung in the Vee, DENALI offers an attractive cover that protects the horn without reducing its prodigious sound.

We know that some motorcycles have limited space under the fairings or around the engine, so DENALI makes an alternative model of the SoundBomb called the SoundBomb Split. By separating the acoustic unit from the 12-volt air compressor, the SoundBomb Split can fit into even crowded fairings and behind side covers on most motorcycles. 

Still smaller and more tightly packed motorcycles might need the SoundBomb Mini, a compact electric horn not much bigger than the tiny stock horns but still capable of wailing out 113 decibels of attention-getting noise. The SoundBomb Mini weighs just ounces and fits where most stock horns will.

Oh, but we’re not through. DENALI has made a name of making complex motorcycle accessories easy to install. For starters, the SoundBomb air horns come with full professional-grade wiring harnesses including a power relay. There’s no guessing about how to mount a SoundBomb. Also, DENALI has a long list of custom horn mounts for all the most popular motorcycles of today. Each installation is engineered to keep the horn clear of bodywork and most accessories, while still preserving sound quality. Each custom mount comes with detailed installation instructions to make adding a traffic-stopping horn an effortless affair.