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Horn Mounts

This may surprise you: Duct tape isn’t for everything. You wouldn’t want to roof with it, and it’s not a very good diaper for infants. (So we hear.) There are better alternatives. That logic also applies to mounting schemes for modern LED motorcycle lighting for the street, motorcycle and UTV lighting for off-road use, and powerful accessory horns. Here, DENALI has the best in the business, with model-specific mounting schemes for most popular motorcycles, ATVs and UTV, and many automotive and Jeep applications. 

DENALI has developed a line of LED lighting mounts and horn mounts, including those that are very model specific as well as mounting systems meant to give you the most flexibility or a chance to freelance a setup for just what you need it to do. 

Better yet, all of DENALI’s model-specific mounts are designed in house with the actual vehicle in hand. Our designers and technicians look for the most elegant, most durable, and easiest-to-install locations on every vehicle, whether that’s a lightweight Honda dual-sport or a powerful Harley-Davidson touring rig. Each light mount, for example, is designed to carry any of DENALI’s class-leading LED motorcycle auxiliary lights and, wherever possible, is intended to keep those lights tucked in close to the bodywork for maximum protection from damage, but in a location that makes the most of their powerful LED beams. 

For other applications, DENALI provides a wide range of clamp-style mounts that allow these LED driving or fog lights to be mounted on any tubular structure, like a fork leg, crash bar, or handlebar guard. Four clamps cover a huge range of options, from tubular structures as small as 21mm (just over three quarters of an inch) all the way to 60mm (2.4 inches). All of these styles have a unique octagonal shape on the clamping surface to ensure a positive, flexible fit. And each clamp mount kit’s mounting arm articulates through 360 degrees, so you’ll never have to compromise the location of your accessory or the aiming of your LED motorcycle light.

There’s more. DENALI’s full line of accessory mounts includes fender mounts, L mounts for driving lights, special flush mounts for our DRL and B6 Visibility Pods, as well as a range of model-specific horn mounts. DENALI doesn’t just sell the best LED motorcycle lighting or the loudest horns on the market; we make it easy to put them on your motorcycle, UTV, car or truck. Way better than duct tape.