Driving Light Wiring

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Driving Light Wiring

Picture yourself roaming off-road trails on an adventure motorcycle, or through unlit rural roads in your Jeep or truck. Unfortunately, the conditions are far from ideal – maybe there’s a thick fog or that annoying kind of spray-bottle drizzle that cuts visibility to near zero. It’s so bad even your fog lights don’t help much.

Good thing you were prepared for this. You switch on your auxiliary driving lights and an intense, long-range beam of light illuminates the road ahead.

If you’ve been in this situation, you know how invaluable good driving lights are. But in case you’ve been lucky enough to never have needed driving lights before, you should definitely consider installing some. You don’t want to be left in the dark when you need some extra bright lighting.

Even the best driving lights are pointless unless you can power them, though. That’s where DENALI can help you. We provide all the wiring you could need to get you through even the darkest trails.

The DENALI Standard and Premium Wiring Harnesses are just the right fit for any motorcycle and smaller ATV. Their sturdy cables are waterproof, and they can power two DENALI motorcycle driving light kits – like the D4 LED Light Pods.

The harnesses function the same, but the Premium Harness comes with a more robust, illuminated DrySeal™ ON-OFF switch. This switch is also available separately for the Standard Harness, and we also make the DrySeal™ HI-LOW-OFF switch. So, when it comes to turning your lights on and off, you’re spoiled for options.

You should be careful with your driving lights, though, because they are bright. Very, very bright. So bright that you should not use them when there are others on the road. To make it easier for you to control the intensity of your driving lights, we made the DENALI DataDim™ Dual Intensity Controller. It enables you to switch from half to full intensity with your ride’s original high beam switch.

If the harness wires don’t quite reach where you want them to go, the DENALI Extension Cable gives you 24” of extra length to your harness wiring. We also offer the switched power adapters for 194 marker bulbs and certain BMW bikes.

If you drive a car, truck, Jeep, or a really big UTV, you need more wiring length. The DENALI Automotive Wiring Harness gives you just that. It has the same functionality as the Powersports Harnesses, just with more reach and the appropriate plugs. And it works with the DataDim™ Dual Intensity Controller as well.

Don’t get stranded alone in the dark. Connect your driving lights with proper wires, and you’ll pierce the darkness with no problem.