Horn Wiring

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 Horn Wiring


There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new motorcycle or powersports accessory and not being able to install it properly on your one free weekend. Murphy’s Law states that you’ll start each installation with 9 out of the 10 items you need, and you won’t know you need the 10th until the very end. Many wrenches have been thrown in many workshops for just such an occasion. Duck!

That’s why DENALI has created specific wiring solutions for SoundBomb Compact and SoundBomb Split motorcycle horns. Wrapped in a protective vinyl sheath—to keep the wires together and protected from weather as well as to give your installation a truly professional appearance—the DENALI Wiring Harness for SoundBomb Horns includes all the wiring you need, from the power source, to the rugged inline fuse, and through the supplied relay socket right to the horn. Nothing has been missed.

Not only that, the kit includes a number of connectors, including the innovative Posi-tap connectors so you don’t have to cut any of your vehicle’s wires. Already pre-fitted with blade-style terminations, the DENALI Plug&Play harness means you probably won’t even have to cut or crimp a wire for most installations. If your stock horn has blade-style connectors, all you have to do is plug the DENALI harness into the original harness, make a connection to the battery, and then connect the SoundBomb to the already mounted connectors. Yes, it’s that easy. You could be done in an afternoon, easily.

And if you have to improvise, know that the DENALI kit includes both male and female spade connectors and even four zip ties for keeping your work neat. Heck, DENALI even provides the needed 30-amp fuse. The harness is 5.5 feet long, which is more than enough for most powersports vehicles as well as the most common cars and trucks on the road, and can be shortened if necessary. 

If you own a BMW motorcycle, you’ll want DENALI’s special adapter. BMW uses a special compact connector to the horn, and this affordable adapter will save you the frustration of cutting into the original harness, which is something you generally want to avoid anyway. Finally, you can take advantage of DENALI’s experience in the field through our application notes that provide tips and tricks when dealing with new-vehicle wiring schemes, including those with CAN bus systems. As they say, go to school on us!