BMW CANsmart™ Controller

Our ground-breaking CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from your BMW's wonder-wheel or our Accessory Manager Software.

Auxiliary Lighting

Dimming, strobe, modulate, and "cancel with turn signal" are just a few of the settings available for LED auxiliary lights and DRLs.

Brake & Turn Lighting

The intelligent brake light circuit enables multiple flash pattern braking and deceleration activated "smart brake" technology.

Horns & Safety

Connect a high power SoundBomb™ horn without the need for a relay, and set your auxiliary lights to strobe when you sound your horn. 

Other Accessories

When set to accessory mode you can power a phone charger, GPS or heated gear to name a few. Each output provides up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous).

Intelligent Accessory Control

Independently control and dim up to two sets of LED lights right from the BMW wonder-wheel. Click the turn signal cancel three times to turn lights on/off, or hold the wonder-wheel left/right to enter dimming mode where you can scroll between 10% - 100% intensity.

Features & Settings

True Plug & Play Installation

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