CANsmart Software v2004.2

All new features and functionality released 5/15/2020

CANsmart Software Overview


Default Software Settings 

Here is a screenshot of the CANsmart™ Software home screen. The top row shows each of the four circuits and displays the accessory type you have selected for that circuit. The sections below correspond to each of your accessory circuits and allow you to review and change all of the accessory features and settings. This screenshot shows the default setting applied. 



Configuring Your Accessories - Circuit Function Selector

The Circuit Function Selector will let you run any accessory of your choice on any of the four circuits. Click on a circuit icon at the top to open the drop down menu of available circuit functions. Simply select what accessory type you want to run on each circuit. Continue reading for an overview of each circuit function (accessory type) and its available settings.



Other Accessory Features & Settings 

You can see the default accessory options above on the software home screen. This includes the auxiliary lights (pair or split), auxiliary brake light and horn accessory options. Scroll down to see screenshots of the other available accessory options and their customizable settings.



Turn Signal Settings

The turn signal circuit enables the addition of an auxiliary turn signals without having to tap into the bikes factory turn signal harness. This is the ideal option for powering our amber DRLs. The settings window allows you to choose if you want the signal to run and flash or flash only. You can also set the running light and flash intensity between 0-100%. 



Run/Brake/Turn Signal Settings

This circuit function will transform a simple 2-wire LED light into a full-featured red run/brake/turn light for use in the rear of your bike. This circuit enables the addition of a red auxiliary brake light (with turn signal and flash pattern braking) all without having to tap into the bikes factory turn signal or brake harness. This is the idea option for powering our Dual B6 Brake License Plate Brake Light. 



Universal Accessory Settings

The Accessory circuit function will provide a simple switched 12v power to an accessory of your choice when the motorcycles ignition is turned on. You can set the accessory to have a delayed time-out or opt for it to shut off immediately with your ignition. 


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CANsmart for KTM

Compatible KTM Duke and Adventure models. Click on the image above to learn more. 

CANsmart for Harley

Compatible with over 60 Harley-Davidson models. Click on the image above to learn more. 

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