CANsmart™ Controller

Our ground-breaking Harley-Davidson CANbus controller provides plug & play connection and intelligent control of aftermarket and genuine Harley-Davidson accessories right from your bikes original switches or our Accessory Manager Software.

Harley Davidson CANsmart Controller

Auxiliary Lighting

Dimming, strobe, modulate, and "cancel with turn signal" are just a few of the settings available for factory passing lamps and LED auxiliary lights.

Horns & Safety

Connect a high power SoundBomb™ horn without the need for a relay, and set your auxiliary lights to strobe when you sound your horn. 

Brake Lighting

The intelligent brake light circuit enables multiple flash pattern braking and deceleration activated "smart brake" technology.

Other Accessories

When set to accessory mode you can power a phone charger, GPS or heated gear to name a few. Each output provides up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous).

Integrated Accessory Control

Independently control and dim up to two sets of OEM or aftermarket LED lights right from your trip switch. Click three times to turn lights on/off, or hold for 3 seconds to enter dimming mode where you can cycle between 10% - 100% intensity.

Features & Settings

True Plug & Play Installation