Switched Power Adapter - Kawasaki KLR650

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      The DENALI switched power adapter connects to your Kawasaki KLR650's factory accessory power port and provides a switched 12V power source for triggering electronic accessories. The plug-&-play connection means you will not have to tap, pierce, cut, or solder any original wires. The KLR650's accessory power port is switched with the ignition, so it will provide power when your ignition is turned on and will shut down when your ignition is turned off. 


      • 12V Switched power source
      • Simple plug & play installation - no cutting, tapping, or soldering necessary 
      • Will not void manufacturer warranty

      What's In The Box?

      • (x1) DENALI Switched Power Adapter

      Note: The DENALI switched power adapter is intended to send a 12V trigger signal to relayed wiring harnesses and low power (<2A) accessories only. High power (>2A) accessories should not be connected directly to the adapter. Powering high power accessories directly from this adapter could overload the circuit and blow the factory fuse.

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