Is the DENALI Wireless Charging Phone Mount Tough Enough for Dual Sport Riding?

May 02 2022

Is the DENALI Wireless Charging Phone Mount Tough Enough for Dual Sport Riding?

A windy gravel road led the Tenere 700 through the wilderness and into a forgotten thoroughfare. The rough track following the contours of the land, snaking to and fro, up and down. An embedded slab of rock grants the rider an opportunity to fly for a moment, off its ledge and into a banking turn. A leaning power slide keeps them on track and in line for the next rock garden. As the track descends off the ridge and towards the valley floor the ruts from recent storm water drainage provide more excitement. Nothing like an unmaintained dirt road to provide a rider an opportunity of dual sporting adventure.

Returning to horizontal, the rider takes a moment to check his phone to ensure he is on the track. No need to fight the zipper, the rider has his phone secured in the DENALI Electronics Wireless Charging Phone Mount- a great combination of the ruggedness of RAM Mounts matched with the superior technology of Denali Electronics.  A quick glimpse at the Gaia GPS App lets the rider know to follow the creek upstream and towards the next challenging off-road section.

The gravel track follows the ebb and flow of the creek before ascending in a steep and curvy grade. Rocks and dirt spray from behind the Tenere as the rider leans into the throttle. Rubber sliding over gravel as the bike pitches through each corner.  The thrill of the moment intensified by the soundtrack playing through the Sena Bluetooth Headset, thanks to that mounted phone sitting next to the dash cluster.  

The impending change of scenery calls for a change of musical accompaniment.  As the mellow pace of the coming farmlands jaunt nears, the rider decides to skip to a different set of songs while sitting at a stop sign.  A task made much easier by the Denali RAM Quick-Grip cradle, a gloved hand makes a few movements on the phone’s screen and the rider is off.

Passing through an open range farm, a playful foal decides to race our intrepid explorer.  The young horse, no match for the T7, lets out a neigh and a few bucking kicks as the rider leaves the hilly farmlands for the forest.  The colt letting the iron steed know that he may have gotten the best of him today but he will be ready for round two upon their return.

Delivered to the wood, the dirt track becomes more rustic with each passing knobbly under wheel.  A creek is put upon their path and without hesitation the rider plunges headlong into the wet.  Water droplets, stirred by the front wheel, dance through the air and spray the cockpit.  Momentum slows, the rear wheel blasts river rock and creek to balance the T7 and continue their progress to the other side of the wide waterway.  As the rear tire's centrifugal force slices through the wet, droplets dance and start to spray the rear of the rider!  

As the T7 climbs the opposite bank the rider continues to follow the displayed track through the muddy trail.  Slow speed skills are tested as the mucky floor calls for a cautious pace.  The rider’s phone alarms through the Sena, notifying him of a text message.  A quick glance shows a communication from the wife.  A scenic, albeit muddy, break while the rider taps the screen of the Denali Ram Mounted cell phone.  Dinner will be ready soon and the boys need to start heading home!  Playtime is over… but not before getting out of the woods and back through that creek again!

The rider also notices his phone battery is getting a little low.  Before continuing on, the waterproof wireless charging feature is activated which allows the rider to put a little pep into the pending creek crossing while keeping his phone protected.  Wheels spin, mud flings, and water dances once again!


Rider and conveyance pick their way through the remaining unmaintained road while dodging ruts, catching airtime over whoops, and navigating a couple hill climbs.  As dusk approaches and the floor morphes to pavement the rider starts to feel the hunger.  Dinner is hot and the mileage is long...  A quick set of taps on the Denali Ram Mounted phone and “fastest route” turn-by-turn directions are being called out to the rider through the Sena bluetooth intercom.  

In spite of the harsh conditions of the previous escapades, the DENALI Wireless Charging Phone Mount showed that it can withstand repeated exposure to extreme outdoor environments.  RAM Mounts are built tough and lock in the DENALI Electronics mount tight inside the cockpit, tucked in and shielded behind the windscreen. The carrier is designed to fit many different models of cell phones and will charge the phone wirelessly, even through waterproof cell phone covers.  The included DENALI wiring harness provides a simple plug-&-play connection to a CANsmart Controller but can also be connected directly to your vehicle’s battery or factory USB port.

More about the DENALI Wireless Charging Phone Mount:

  • Qi wireless quick charging with LED indicator light
  • Spring-loaded Quick-Grip design allows for easy one handed operation
  • In-line waterproof on/off switch only charges the phone when you want to
  • Auto adjusts to the max charging output available for your phone (5W, 7,5W or 10W)
  • Marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel, and high-strength composite construction 

Words & Photos by Kane Wagner
Kane is the founder of Appalachian ADV – Adventure & Dual Sport Motorbiking LLC, formed as an outlet for creativity in written word, captured visual art, and route development.  Two wheels and a motor are his adrenaline junkie delivery system of choice, providing natural highs delivered through dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins that act as the catalysts for his motorbiking experience.  His goal is to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to create common bonds through shared adversity on his ADV & “ADV Dual Sporting” routes as well as building confidence by overcoming those joyous hardships.  Kane and Appalachian ADV aim to use motorbikes, the beauty and challenges of nature, and a healthy dose of those happy hormones to give people opportunities to enjoy life, unplug, find much needed commonality, and to Have Fun, Take Chances