Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 DENALI Outfitting Guide

September 02 2021

Add LED lighting accessories to your Honda Africa Twin to see more of the road in front of you and to help make sure other motorists can see you! Whether you're planning to add a single set of fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn DENALI has what you need. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Africa Twin. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Honda Africa Twin. 

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Featured Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 Accessories

(1) T3 Front Turn Signal Bundle - LAH.01.10800
(2) D7 LED Light Pods - DNL.D7.050.W   
(3) Bike-Specific Light Mount - LAH.01.10700
(4) D3 LED Fog Light PodsDNL.D3.051.Y  
(5) Fender Driving Light Mount - LAH.00.10700.B
(6) SoundBomb Original Horn - TT-SB.10000.B
(7) Bike-Specific Horn Mount - HMT.01.10200

(8) DialDim Lighting Controller - DNL.WHS.22500
(9) CANsmart Accessory Controller - DNL.WHS.21800
(10) Plug-&-play B6 Brake Light Bundle - LAH.01.11200


    Polaris RZR Products

    Honda Africa Twin CRF1100 Lighting & Accessories


    Watch the Videos! 

    Follow along and watch our three-part video series where the DENALI Electronics design team gives you a behind-the-scenes look as we design, develop, prototype, and show you how to install vehicle-specific lighting and safety products on the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100. 



    Identify Connectors - Install Accessories Like a Pro  

    In this first video, we strip down the bike to give you a detailed overview of the Honda CRF1100 OEM wiring harness so you can easily identify connectors and install any type of electrical accessories with confidence! We’ll also give you a sneak peek behind the scenes are we start our design and development process of the various light mounts, horn mounts, wiring adapters, and LED lighting controllers that we will be releasing for the Honda Africa Twin 1100. 




    Plug-&-Play Brake Lighting, Turn Signals & SoundBomb Horns    

    In this second video, we show you how we developed, and how to install, the top three visibility and safety products for the Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L. For DENALI, that includes DLRs, T3 turn signals, brake lights, and our ear-splitting SoundBomb air horns! We explore LED accessory options for front and rear visibility lighting and show you how easy it is to install DENALI everything using our plug-&-play adapters. We conclude the video with an overview of our SoundBomb air horn and give you a demo of just how loud this sucker really is. 



    DialDim Lighting Controller Install & Overview    

    In this third video, we show you how we developed, and how to install, LED driving lights and fog lights on our vehicle specific mounting options. We also give you a complete overview and install tutorial of our groundbreaking DialDim Lighting Controller which allows you to independently control two sets of lights from one consolidated halo dimmer switch. The DialDim is a universal lighting controller that can be installed on any 12v motorcycle, ATV, Side by Side, Jeep, or truck. We can also swap in a plug-&-play wiring adapter to make the installation even easier. We finish the video by showing you all of the unique features and intuitive ways to control our premium LED lighting.   


    Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Lighting & Accessories 

    When Honda decided to get serious about the adventure-touring market, it decided not to blindly copy BMW but to create a versatile and strongly off-road-capable motorcycle in its own way—including the engine configuration. If BMW owns the opposed-twin idea and both KTM and Suzuki love the V-twin, Honda selected a narrow, lightweight, torquey parallel-twin configuration for the Africa Twin, and it’s been a huge success. Now in its second modern generation, the Honda Africa Twin got a mild displacement boost and updates to its electronics to keep pace with the adventure-touring pack.

    Honda made two versions, the regular Africa Twin and the Africa Twin Adventure Sports with electronically controlled Showa suspension and a bigger gas tank. Honda also makes otherwise identical versions with its DCT automatic six-speed transmission. But whichever Africa Twin you own, including the original liter-sized version since 2016, DENALI is ready for you. In fact, the Africa Twin was one of the first models fully outfitted by DENALI with LED driving lights, bike-specific light mounts, a SoundBomb horn kit, and other ways to upgrade the Honda’s off-road capabilities. After all, you want the best lighting accessories possible when you’re riding deep into the woods or crossing midtown Manhattan. 

    DENALI’s offerings for the Africa Twin include a frame-mounted Driving Light Mount for the 2016-2019 models in addition to Clamp Mount kits for the fork tubes or engine guards. Each of these mounts is designed to securely carry any of the DENALI LED driving lights, from the 15,000-plus-lumen D7 (using a total of 14 Cree LEDs of 10 watts each, for unmatched brilliance and beam distance) to the popular D4 pod as well as the compact and affordable S4 driving light. Whichever light you choose for your Africa Twin, they all possess key DENALI qualities: professional-grade wiring harnesses with DrySeal connectors, the ability to run at high or low intensities thanks to the plug-and-play DataDim module, and time-proven durability. 

    For off-road excursions, overlanding, or adventure touring, DENALI offers a variety of high-intensity LED lighting upgrades. DENALI D3 lights feature dual-mode DataDim technology. You get high and low beams, plus a choice of spots, floods, or both for all auxiliary light pods. The D3 is also offered as a fog lamp with three lenses available: clear, yellow, or orange.

    Big, powerful LED motorcycle lights are what DENALI is best known for, but your Africa Twin can also benefit from the SoundBomb horn, the bright B6 tail light, which alerts drivers behind you that you’re stopping (we’re looking at you, cabbie), and a range of extremely lightweight Daytime Running Lights in bright white or high-contrast amber. Whether you need fog, brake, or auxiliary driving lights, DENALI can help. Thanks to DENALI’s huge selection of motorcycle lighting options, you can make your Africa Twin or Africa Twin Adventure Sports more confidence-inspiring during demanding night riding while also making it easier for others to see.