ATV UTV Light Mounts

ATV UTV Light Mounts

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ATV & UTV Light Mounts


Whether you’re roaming your farm on a John Deere Gator or ripping through off-road trails on a Polaris RZR, one thing is certain – you’ll be crossing some rough terrain. That’s just what ATVs and UTVs are for, though. Where no other vehicle can go, they will.

But in difficult terrain, you need to see where you’re going. Once the sun sets (or before it comes up), proper 4-wheeler lighting becomes a real concern. That’s where DENALI ATV and UTV light mounts come in.

Most importantly, you’ve got to light the trail directly ahead of you, no matter where you’re riding. DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps support a wide range of auxiliary driving lights, like the D7 ATV lighting kit, and grip securely on tubes and bars of any diameter thanks to their octagonal inner profile. Add some on the top of your UTV as roof rack lights, and you’ll be riding in daylight even at night.

Handlebar lights are also, well, handy for seeing in front of you on a 4 wheeler. The DENALI DM LED Light Kit with DataDim Technology turns with your handlebar and lets you spot potholes, rocks, and any other obstacles. UTVs generally don’t have handlebars, but that’s alright – just attach the same lights to your bumper or brush guard instead with Bar Clamps and use them as spot lights.

When the skies open up and start pouring water, or when fog creeps in, proper fog lights will save you a lot of trouble. Fog lights, like the D4 Lights, are best mounted below the headlights. On ATVs, UTVs and SxSs that usually means the bumper, which brings us again back to the DENALI Bar Clamps.

Danger doesn’t always lurk in your headlights, though. Rocks are everywhere when off-roading or on forest trails, and animals tend to dash in front of you in the dark. Farm equipment or road signs can come dangerously close to the trail, too, not to mention hazardous drop-offs. Good ditch lights let you spot potential risks in your peripheral vision.

DENALI Pivot Mounts attach anywhere where there’s an M5, M6, or M8 bolt and let you angle your ditch lights just right. Combine them with, say, the S4 LED Light Pods, and nothing will sneak up on you.

Visibility is just as important when reversing. You don’t want to back up into a hole you passed and forgot about, after all. DENALI Brackets and Articulating Bar Clamps make it sure your backup lights are angled properly to light the trail behind you. Throw in a B6 Brake Light Pod for good measure, and you’ll shine bright and clear, front and back.

Long story short: whatever lights you need to attach to your ATV, SxSor UTV, DENALI has you covered. Wherever you go, we’ll make sure you might as well be riding a mobile lightbulb.