Brake Light Wiring

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It’s never acceptable for someone to ogle your behind. That is, unless you’re riding through dark roads and trails. Then we’ll give everyone behind you a pass for not taking their eyes off your ride’s rear.

After all, nobody wants to get rear-ended. Those behind you have to know when you hit the brakes because of a sudden rock, ditch, or animal dashing out in front of you. That’s why good brake lights are so important for keeping everyone safe.

To make the rump of your motorcycle – or ATV or truck – more visible in the dark, you might want to consider installing auxiliary brake lights. The DENALI B6 LED Brake Light Pod is a good option for any vehicle.

We designed the B6 with the aim to provide as much light as we can in the smallest possible package. Each flush-mountable pod features a dual run-brake circuit that alternates between half and full intensity, based on whether or not your brakes are engaged.

Combining the B6 with the CANsmart™ Accessory Control offers even more functionality. You can easily enable programmable flash patterns to let those riding behind you know when you’re braking or accelerating.

But as it is with any light, even the most powerful light system is good for nothing if you can’t connect it to your vehicle’s wiring harness. The B6 comes with a wiring pigtail and three Posi-Tap Connectors, but we also have more connection options available.

The DENALI Y-Splitter for B6 Light Pods can connect and power two brake lights from only one harness connection. Its simple plug-and-play connectivity makes installation a cinch, and it also helps you make your wiring less of a mess.

Of course, some motorcycle OEMs have their proprietary plugs, so just any connector won’t work. Take, for example, the KTM Adventure and Super Adventure bikes. They’re amazing trail bikes, but their unique OEM harness connectors can make installing brake lights a headache.

That’s particularly troublesome for bikes that are by design supposed to go where there’s no street lighting. But don’t worry – enter the DENALI Wiring Adapter for KTM OEM harnesses.

Just like the Y-Splitter, the KTM Adapter installs seamlessly into the bike’s original harness without any splicing or modifications. Just plug it in and connect your B6 Light Pods without voiding your warranty.

A quick word of caution before you rush to install new brake lights – check your local laws regarding how many lights you can have on your bike. Most of the time you’re good as long as you have a brake light, but the laws can be a little bit weird about adding more of them.

When it comes to riding safety, you can’t afford to be bashful. We’ll help you make sure everyone’s eyes are glued to your ride’s trunk, no matter the conditions.