Headlight Wiring

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Think fast! What’s the most important light on your vehicle?

Alright, you caught us – that’s a trick question. You can’t pick one light that’s above the others. Whether you ride a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or a truck, every single light on your ride is crucial for keeping you and others safe.

That said, your headlights are a good contender for the top position for two reasons. First of all, without them, your bike or car won’t be street legal (though the same could be said for other lights too). Second, and perhaps most importantly, you just can’t see where you’re going in the dark without a headlight.

It’s simple, really – if you can’t see the road, you won’t ride. Unfortunately, some OEM headlights on motorcycles in particular leave more or less to be desired when it comes to comprehensive illumination.

That’s why many riders and drivers decide to replace their headlights with third-party LED lights, like DENALI M5 and M7 Headlight Modules. Connecting headlight wiring can be difficult, though, but it doesn’t have to be. This is where we step in to make your riding life easier.

Our H4 All-On Adapter is a universal plug-and-play solution for connecting the M5 and M7 modules to your motorbike. The adapter can be installed in a few minutes and it supports using both low and high beams simultaneously for extreme light output.

Some manufacturers, however, don’t use the more common plugs for motorcycle headlight connections. We’re looking at you here, Harley-Davidson. But that’s alright – we at DENALI like to come up with solutions.

The DENALI H4 to OEM Harley-Davidson Adapter connects our headlight modules to the original Harley-Davidson LED headlight wiring harness without any splicing. It provides the same simple and clean plug-and-play installation as the All-On Adapter while keeping the OEM harness intact.

We also offer the H4 to H9/H11 Wiring Adapter, which lets you install an M5 or M7 light on a bike with the split M9 and M11 connectors – such as 2014 Harley-Davidson Road King or Street Glide. It’s the same story – no splicing, no modifications, just plug and ride.

Sometimes, though, you might notice that your new headlights flicker when you get on the road. There’s a popular myth that this is because of the CANbus system, but that’s actually not true. The real culprit is pulse-width modulation (PWM) used by some lighting systems.

But whatever the cause, flickering headlights are no good. You can fix the issue with the DENALI H4 or H13 to H4 Anti-Flicker adapters. Both of them plug between the headlight and the factory connector and get rid of that irritating and dangerous flicker.

The only difference is that the H13 to H4 Adapter is made specifically for 2007-2018 Jeep Wranglers, which are kind of notorious for headlight flickering. But don’t worry, Jeep fans – we got your back.

But it doesn’t matter whether you ride an adventure on a Harley, Jeep, or any other vehicle. We at DENALI will get your headlights shining in any case.