Jeep & Truck Light Mounts

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Jeep & Truck Light Mounts 

Driving a Jeep or a truck – like a Toyota Tacoma – will generally put you in one of two camps. If you fall into the first one, you bought the 4x4 for pure utility. Whether it’s for work or for outdoor hobbies, you’re regularly traversing difficult roads with the back of your vehicle laden with gear.

It might also be that you never set foot on a forest trail and simply like the cars’ rugged look. And really, who could blame you – these are some seriously good-looking cars. It’s nothing weird to see a Ford F-150 or a Jeep Wrangler rolling through city streets.

But when the sun sets, good lighting is essential for a heavy 4x4. Auxiliary driving lights will help illuminate the road ahead, whether on dark country roads or poorly lit city streets. And they give your truck even more street cred as an extra bonus.

DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps are the go-to option for mounting vehicle lighting systems on bars of your roof rack or bumper. Their octagonal inner profile grips securely to tubes of any diameter. They can mount a good truck LED lighting kit – like DENALI D7 Light Pods with DataDim Technology – on bumpers and bull guards for bumper lights, or on roof racks for roof lighting.

Fog or mist is a particular issue in rural areas, but it’s not like cities are immune to bad weather, either. DENALI Fog Light Mounts allow you to pierce the fog with street legal light pods, such as the DR1 Fog Light Kit with amber lenses. You can keep on truckin’ like the fog was never there.

Driving a truck is about more than seeing ahead, though – you also need to know what’s behind you. DENALI Bracket Mounts make additional backup lights sit flush with your truck and give you the visibility you need without protruding a foot behind the vehicle. Our brake light kits will also let everyone following you clearly see when they need to pump the brakes in the dark.

Risks aren’t always sitting straight in your headlights, and that’s why DENALI has multiple options for mounting ditch lights onto your ride. Our Pivot Mounts attach to any M5, M6, or M8 bolt slot, and our A Pillar Mounts work on any truck or Jeep. Together with the D4 Hybrid Lights, they let you spot the hapless deer or distracted pedestrian before they step into the danger zone.

But what about the road underneath you? When at the wheel of a big 4x4, you’re going to be sitting well above the ground, which makes it easy to miss treacherous rocks, potholes, or the manhole someone forgot to cover. But not to worry – DENALI Bar Clamps make it just as easy to mount lights onto your bumper. The rotatable mounting shelf lets you angle the lights just right.

If you’re a more extreme offroader, you may decide to install rock lights in your wheel wells for better visibility of your spotter when crossing boulders at night. The DENALI T3 switchback signal pods paired with the rock light harness is a perfect solution, giving you the option of white, amber, or red lights under the vehicle.

We at DENALI love Jeeps and trucks just as much as you do. That’s why we developed all these mounts – to protect you, your car, and everyone around you.