Motorcycle Light Mounts

Motorcycle Light Mounts

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Motorcycle Light Mounts

We could build the best, most advanced, most durable LED motorcycle lighting you can buy—in fact, we do—but you wouldn’t get half the benefit of improved night lighting, safer off-road trekking, and more comfortable daily commuting without properly mounting those lights. Yes, we’ve thought of that, too, which is why DENALI leads the industry in both bike-specific and universal auxiliary light mounting systems.

We call these “systems” because they are far more than quickly considered, rapidly cranked-out afterthoughts. For example, every motorcycle-specific DENALI light mount is designed to work with your motorcycle’s original bodywork and require no irreversible modifications to OEM parts in order to complete the installation. Put the hacksaw and file set back in the toolbox, Chet. Each bike-specific mount uses high-quality steel for maximum strength and durability—and, this is important, crash tolerance. Finally, each mount is designed to keep the lights as tucked-in and protected from trailside impediments as possible, yet DENALI purposely positions each LED driving light mount so that the light pods are in an ideal location for illumination. 

Something else about the DENALI bike-specific light mounts: They’re all designed to carry every LED driving light in the extensive lineup, from the blazingly powerful D7, whose 14 total LEDs put enough light on the road to turn night into day, all the way to the compact DENALI DM model. All have the needed 8mm mounting holes predrilled and each DENALI model-specific light mount comes with all the hardware you need.

The four clamps span four different size ranges. The smallest is best for tubes 21mm to 29mm (0.83 to 1.125 inches) in diameter, typical of crash bars and frame tubes on motorcycles and ATVs. Up the ladder is a clamp for 32mm to 38mm (1.25 to 1.5 inches) tubes, which you’ll find as bigger crash bars and many luggage racks, especially on UTVs. Then there’s the Driving Light Mount for 39mm to 49mm tubes (1.6 to 1.875 inches), and then the biggest of the lineup, a Universal Clamp for 50mm to 60mm (2 to 2.375 inches) tubes. Somewhere in this group of four clamp mounts, you’ll find the right one for your application.

Finally, DENALI provides a number of solutions for mounting our LED auxiliary motorcycle lights to fenders or other similar bits of bodywork. There’s a Driving Light Mount - Fender, for applications that have either 5mm or 6mm threaded holes; you get everything you need, including spacers and a range of screw lengths. A pivoting-style mount, called the Driving Light Mount - Pivot, works where the light cannot be mounted close to the fender, or where the performance of the light would be improved with a little mounting flexibility. The pivoting mount includes a wide range of hardware, with 5mm and 6mm mounting bolts as well as just the right size of 8mm bolt to mount any of DENALI’s lights to the pivot arm. A set of spacers and a fully illustration instruction sheet are included as well. 

Proof that DENALI doesn’t just build the best motorcycle LED lights, we’re dedicated to making them easy to mount to your motorcycle, dual-sport, ATV, UTV or selected car, Jeep, or truck.