Snowmobile Light Mounts

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Snowmobile Light Mounts

Snowmobiles bring to the table perhaps the best combination of fun and utility out of any vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working at a ski center, herding reindeer, roaring through a high-speed race, or adventuring in an Alaskan winter wonderland – there’s just something unique about gliding over the white stuff on your sled.

The thing is, though, well-maintained and brightly lit snowmobile trails are a rarity. Most of the time, you won’t be around civilization and street lamps. Although snow amplifies even faint moonlight, you’ll want to make sure you’re riding a well-illuminated sled when the daylight fades.

We know very well there’s plenty to watch out for on the snowy trails – and especially when riding off-trail in the trees or mountains. Snow-covered rocks and shrubs are treacherous, and many animals are deceptively quick even in deep banks. Snow also obscures terrain features, and you definitely want to notice that ditch or steep slope before you unwittingly plummet over it.

That’s why DENALI has developed first-class snowmobile light mounts and kits. Whichever sled you’re on, we have the gear you need to keep you safe out there.

DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps can be securely attached to bars and tubes of any diameter, thanks to their octagonal inner profile. The rotatable mounting shelf with an M8 bolt lets you angle the auxiliary lights of your choice for maximum visibility. The clamps come with both blacked-out and chrome finishes to ensure they blend in with your sled perfectly.

If we may make a suggestion, the DENALI D4 LED Lights – together with the Bar Clamps – offer a complete bumper light solution for snowmobiles. The hybrid lenses illuminate the wintery world ahead of you at both close and long range, and the DENALI DataDim Technology switches the light intensity with your sled’s original headlights.

It’s not just about the headlights, though. Wherever there’s a bar, you can clamp the mount onto it. So, if you need to illuminate the sides or the rear of your sled, go right ahead.

Handlebar lights are also invaluable on snowmobiles. They can provide more forward lighting, or you can angle them slightly to the sides to act as spot lights to catch potential risks in your peripheral vision. DENALI handlebar mounts – together with the D2 LED Light Pods – are a suitable solution for any snowmobile. Whichever way you turn the bars, these mounts will help light your path.

Fog is not an issue in winter, but when it starts snowing heavily, you might as well be plowing through the thickest pea soup fog. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore fog lights (or should we say snow lights?) on your sled. DENALI has plenty to offer in this regard too, whether you want to attach your fog lights to your bumper with Bar Clamps, or to any M5, M6, or M8 bolt slot with the Offset Mount Kit.

Like we said in the beginning, snowmobiles are both useful and fun. With proper lighting to keep you safe, you can enjoy your wintery rides to their fullest.