Cruiser & Custom Outfitting Guide

Whether you ride a Harley, Japanese V-Twin, or build your bikes from scratch, we got you covered. Check out our featured vehicle-specific outfitting guides or scroll further down to see a general guide for outfitting any cruiser or custom motorcycle.

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Use this cruiser and custom motorcycle outfitting guide to view our featured products and applications for your cruiser, retro, or custom bike. To see exactly what products fit your bike use our Shop by Vehicle tool. 

What Fits My Bike

Cruiser & Custom Motorcycle

DOT LED Headlights

Our line of DOT compliant LED headlights and passing lamps consists of a 7" headlight, a 5.75" headlight and a set of matching 4.5" passing lamps. These LED modules drop right into your existing light housings or can be mounted directly to your bike for custom applications.

M7 Headlight & M4 Passing Lamps

Drop these modules inside your existing headlight housing to throw a blazing beam of light three times further than your stock halogen headlight and twice as far as a stock LED headlight. 

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Matching Halo DRL

The matching halo day time running light increases visibility to other motorists and gives your bike a sick custom look. 

LED Driving Lights

Thanks to our unique DataDim™ Technology our 2.0 lights have become the go to option for builders who want to create custom lighting solutions. Our lights are also ideal for mounting to your forks, engine guards, frames and fenders.

Factory Look, Aftermarket Performance

The over-sized cooling fins on our heat sinks perfectly match the classic style of your V-Twin motorcycle and keep our lights cool enough to never loose light output no matter how long they are left on. 

Auxiliary Brake Lighting

Our modular line of auxiliary brake lights feature our super bright B6 light pod that can be mounted into a variety of different housings and brackets.

B6 Brake Light Module

Choose between a single license plate mount, dual plate mount, flush mount or one of our vehicle specific applications. At only 3.5 inches wide our B6 will out shine your factory brake light. 

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Mounting Solutions

Cruiser Light Mounts

Our diverse line of cruiser light mounts enables lights to be mounted in a variety of different locations on just about any cruiser or custom motorcycle. To see exactly what mount types fit your motorcycle use our Shop by Vehicle search tool. 

What Fits My Bike

Fork Mounts

Our robust fork clamp mounts feature a fully rotatable mounting shelf and are avalable in two sizes to fit forks 40mm to 60mm in diameter. 

Frame Mounts

Our frame clamp mounts are designed to position lights on the frame down tubes of cruiser and standard motorcycles. Two sizes fit frame tubes from 7/8" to 1.5". 

Engine Guard Mounts

Our engine guard clamp mounts feature a fully rotatable mounting shelf so you can mount lights to the inside of your bars or directly underneath for a clean look. 

Fender Mounts

Our unique fender mount positions driving lights down low to provide maximum visibility to other motorists. Available for many cruiser models.

SoundBomb™ Horns

Our three horns are the loudest most compact horns available; and we don't stop there. We offer more vehicle specific horn mounting and wiring solutions than any other brand on the market.

SoundBomb™ Compact Air Horn

Producing an earsplitting 120 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb™ is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle horn and twice as loud as a standard car horn! Our horns our designed for those who want to be heard, but still want to maintain a stylish look. Thanks to its compact design and blacked-out housing, the SoundBomb will practically disappear once installed.

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