What are posi-connectors?

March 26 2021

What are posi-connectors?


If you open any of our DENALI Electronics kits, you will find a variety of materials to help install your new lights, horn, or other electrical devices. Our wiring harnesses are a fairly straight forward plug-n-play style. Many of the kits utilize Posi-Tap connectors to tap into switched 12v power sources and trigger wires. 

Tapping into a switched 12v power source ensures that your gadgets only draw power when the ignition is switched on. Tapping into a trigger wire, allows power to be delivered to the device only in certain conditions. An example being the high beam wire coming from the headlight,  which allows our dual intensity controller to engage when the high beam on the vehicle is activated.

Some of you might be wondering what a Posi-Tap is. You have come to the right place! Let’s take a look…

There are several types of Posi connectors out there, covering a multitude of uses in electrical modification with limited tools and equipment. The great thing about Posi connectors is that you don’t have to be an electrician, or know how to solder a cross, pigtail, or 3-way splice in order to successfully install new electrical components on your vehicle. Posi connectors allow you to connect wires quickly and securely while avoiding any cutting, splicing, or soldering. 


 DENALI Electronics Posi Lock

The Posi-Lock

The Posi-Lock is useful when attaching two ends of a wire together, as an alternative to direct inline soldering. The Posi-Lock is 3 parts; a central body with internal metal conductor, and two hollow end collars. To use a Posi-Lock, simply slide the stripped end of wire A into the hollow collar and screw into one end of the central body. Repeat the same with the stripped end of wire B on the other side. This connection is very strong and the Posi-Lock is reusable, making it the perfect solution for prototyping. It is also easy to add or subtract other wires when needed. These are commonly used for motorcycle and automobile applications.


 DENALI Electronics Posi Twist


The Posi-Twist

Similar to a wire nut, the Posi-Twist is a quick way to connect multiple wires together. The Posi-Twist consists of two pieces, a main body and a hollow end collar. To use the Posi-Twist simply hold all of the stripped wires together and slide them through the hollow end collar. Next, screw the main body onto the end collar. This type of connector is most commonly found in home electrical systems, and is not very common for motorcycles or automobiles.


DENALI Electronics Posi Tap


The Posi-Tap

The Posi-Tap connector is used in lieu of the 3 way splice solder. It is the quickest and easiest way to connect a wire from your new light kit to an existing hot wire on the motorcycle, for example when connecting to a switched 12v power source. Posi-Tap connectors are the most common Posi connector found on motorcycles and automobiles. 

The Posi-Tap is 3 parts; a central body with internal metal conductor and tap probe, a hollow end collar, and a U shaped saddle collar. To use a Posi-Tap, secure the wire being tapped into the U shaped saddle collar and screw the central body tightly in place. Next, take the stripped end of the tapping wire and insert it into the hollow end collar before screwing tightly onto the central body.


What are the benefits of using a Posi-Tap or other Posi connector? 

The main benefit of using such connectors is that you can quickly and easily make your electrical connections without the need to cut, crimp, or solder wires together. Most of these applications take only seconds to install by hand, with no tools required. With these connectors, total wire integrity is maintained and very little resistance is added to the circuit. These connections are reusable too, so they can easily be removed if swapping the electrical accessories to a new motorcycle. These connectors are vibration resistant and fully insulated, so they withstand the rigorous use of motorcycles on and off road. With Posi-Taps, even the most non-mechanically-inclined can install our DENALI kits with ease. Worried about corrosion? Don’t be… A dab of dielectric grease will keep any potential corrosion at bay.



There's a Better Way

Posi-connectors are a proven solution for tapping into your stock wiring harness. But if your vehicle is equipped with a can-bus electric system, you can skip posi-taps altogether with a true plug and play setup like the DENALI CANsmart or DialDim

The DENALI CANsmart Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from your stock handlebar controls.

Our ground-breaking DialDim Lighting Controller features a multicolor halo dimming switch that allows you to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of auxiliary lights from a single consolidated wiring harness. The LED halo switch displays your exact settings and allows for effortless dimming on the fly. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two; simply double click to switch between the two circuits.

The CANsmart's four circuits are preprogrammed to connect and independently control two sets of DENALI lights, a SoundBomb horn, and our B6 auxiliary brake light and additional settings can be configured with the DENALI CANsmart Accessory Manager Software.