Who Can Use Auxiliary Lighting?

December 15 2020

Who Can Use Auxiliary Lighting?


We spend a lot of energy around the DENALI shop trying to help keep motorcyclists safer on the road and trail, for good reason, motorcyclists should be seen at all costs. But auxiliary lighting isn't just for motorcycle riders! Every type of vehicle, on and off road, can benefit from adding a high-quality light system to their vehicle. Keep reading to find out how.


DENALI Electronics Cruiser Harley Davidson


Outfitting motorcycles with auxiliary lighting is what DENALI Electronics is known for and what we have been doing the longest. DENALI offers a variety of products for various motorcycle applications. From Harley cruisers to ADV touring BMW's and everything in between, we have the best selection of custom lighting options for your bike. 

When it comes to outfitting motorcycles for on-road or off-road travel, conspicuity (being seen) is the name of the game. Add a set of small driving lights like the DENALI D2 to really stand out in traffic and on the trail. Not only will a set of compact driving lights help to alert other drivers of your location, they will also illuminate your path and help you dodge potential hazards in the road. 

In the case of adding driving lights to a motorcycle, we err on the side of more is better. Consider your motorcycle's electrical system before adding too large of an array to your crash bars, but if you can outfit a pair of lights like the DENALI D3 Driving Light, you will thank us later. The D3 spot lens was engineered for maximum beam distance measuring over 1900 feet at 1 lux (per pair). No other 36-watt light even comes close. The spot beam is so impressive it actually outperforms top-tier competitor's lights that are twice it's size. 

DENALI Electronics SxS Polaris RZR

Side by Sides & UTV's

If you ride a SxS or ATV, you know all too well what it’s like to be out on the trail as it gets dark. If your vehicle doesn’t have stock headlights, or even if it does, you probably know from past experience that those lights (or lack of) just aren’t going to get you out of the woods when the sun goes down. Not only does it make it hard for you to see, but other trail users don’t see you! If you want to avoid head on collisions on the trail, and increase your own visibility when the sun dips below the horizon,  auxiliary lighting is a critical next modification for your rig.

For the operator that doesn't know what they will find out on the trail, the DENALI D4 is a great do-everything light for unpredictable conditions. The D4 is powerful, with each pod cranking out 4380 raw lumens. But it is also quite versatile, with a wide selection of lens combinations available in clear, selective yellow, and amber as well as spot and hybrid lenses.

Being that most SxS's and ATV's don't get a lot of road use, the possibilities for adding auxiliary lighting is limited only by your imagination and how many lights you can fit on your rig.  


DENALI Electronics Truck Toyota Tacoma 4x4

Truck, SUV, and Off-Road

If you take your truck or Jeep off-road, you will need adequate lighting for the trails, not just so you can see but so others can see you! DENALI offers a variety of headlight and auxiliary light options for trucks and Jeeps.

You don't have to wheel your vehicle to get the benefits of a set of DENALI lights. Overlanding is all the rage and having a set of driving lights on the bumper will really set off the look and functionality of your overland rig. The DENALI D7 is a powerhouse and a single pod will cast a beam that will reach over 1200 feet at one lux. 

DENALI lights are useful while traveling as fog and ditch lights or backup lights when pulling into your campsite for the night. When you’re at camp you can also make use of DENALI lights as camp scene lighting or even interior lighting by utilizing our flush mount T3, DRL or B6 pods.

Maybe you drive 18-wheelers or heavy equipment for a living and are worried about your own visibility and conspicuity. Auxiliary lights on the front of the truck will help you see further down the road, and using our flush mount lights on the sides and rear of the trailer will increase your visibility to others from all sides!



Commuter Car and Van

Where else would you want to see and be seen the most than in your daily driver? Whether you spend your commute weaving in and out of freeway traffic or you are the designated soccer practice chauffeur, auxiliary lighting will make a difference when installed on your daily driver. 

The drive to soccer or cheerleading practice can be equally as hazardous as a morning commute and DENALI lights are ready for the challenge. Add a set of DENALI T3 Switchbacks to the liftgate of your van for extra cargo lighting when loading bags and gear after the Friday night lights have faded.

 If you are like many, your morning and evening commutes might involve a lot of foggy, rainy, or even snowy conditions where visibility will be extremely limited. Adding a set of DENALI Driving Lights like the DENALI D4 with amber hybrid lens will provide a bright and mellow driving light that is perfect for hazardous driving conditions. 

No matter what type of vehicle you use, quality auxiliary lighting is a must! At DENALI Electronics we have a variety of options to get your vehicle ready for the next adventure whether it be extreme off-roading or just to the pick-up line at school.