Who Can Use Auxiliary Lighting?

Who Can Use Auxiliary Lighting?

Remember when we discussed the nuances of stock headlight output and “overriding your headlight”? We mentioned this in our last blog Why is Lighting Important, and explained why stock headlights just aren’t cut out for the job. You want to be safe out on the road, then auxiliary lighting is for you!

DENALI Electronics Cruiser Harley Davidson

DENALI offers a variety of products for various motorcycle applications. From Harley cruisers to ADV touring BMW's and everything in between, we have the best selection of custom lighting options for your ride!


DENALI Electronics SxS Polaris RZR

But auxiliary lights aren’t limited just to road going vehicles! If you ride a SxS or ATV, you know all too well what it’s like to be out on the trail as it gets dark. If your vehicle doesn’t have stock headlights, or even if it does, you probably know from past experience that those lights (or lack of) just aren’t going to get you out of the woods when the sun goes down. Not only does it make it hard for you to see, but other trail users don’t see you! If you want to avoid head on collisions on the trail, and increase your own visibility when the sun dips below the horizon… Auxiliary lighting is a critical component of your rig’s setup.


DENALI Electronics Truck Toyota Tacoma 4x4

If you take your truck or Jeep off-road, you will also need adequate lighting for the trails, not just so you can see but so others can see you! DENALI offers a variety of headlight and auxiliary light options for trucks and Jeeps, so you can light up the night!

Maybe you’re a farmer, and you wake before dawn to get an early start plowing your fields. A simple set of DENALI lights on your farming equipment can make all the difference in being able to see!

If you just built an overlanding rig so you can live off the grid out of your van or bus, you’ll also want to look into lighting options. DENALI lights are useful while traveling as fog and ditch lights or backup lights when pulling into your campsite for the night. When you’re at camp you can also make use of DENALI lights as camp scene lighting or even interior lighting by utilizing our flush mount T3, DRL or B6 pods.

Maybe you drive big trucks for a living, and are worried about your own visibility and conspicuity. Auxiliary lights on the front of the truck will help you see further down the road, and using our flush mount lights on the sides and rear of the trailer will increase your visibility to others from all sides!

No matter what type of vehicle you use, quality auxiliary lighting is a must!


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