Arctic Cat Alterra ATV LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 20 2021

Your Arctic Cat Alterra can benefit from the addition of LED lighting accessories. DENALI produces aftermarket headlights, rock lights, and brake lights that are easy to install, weather tight, and super bright! Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Arctic Cat Alterra.

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Arctic Cat Alterra ATV

Arctic Cat Alterra Accessories

D7 Light Pods - DNL.D7.050
Articulating Bar Clamp - LAH.00.10600.B
D4 Light Pods - DNL.D4.050
T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200

T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200
High-Power S4 Backup Lights - DNL.S4.050
B6 LED Brake Light - 

Polaris RZR Products


Arctic Cat Alterra Lighting and Accessories

Arctic Cat Alterra disappeared from the ATV marketplace as a name for a brief time in 2017. That’s when Arctic Cat’s then-new owner, Textron, brought the Alterra line under its own brand, Textron Off Road. But just two years later, in 2019, they realized what a mistake they had made and reverted the change. Arctic Cat Alterra was back.

And it’s a good thing that Textron came to their senses. Alterra isn’t just any model name – riding an Alterra means you’re twisting the throttle of one of the most versatile ATVs out there. Serving everyone from off-road trail adventurers to military forces operating in rough northern conditions, Arctic Cat Alterra has proven itself to be a machine that – like its manufacturer says – gets the job done.

There’s a lot for Alterra fans to be excited about, too. Arctic Cat is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the 2022 models of the Alterra 600 series that bring a lot of improvements to the table. The fresh 600s feature not only an all-new 600cc engine, but also a redesigned chassis with a lower point of gravity for increased stability and higher performance. Arctic Cat’s CVTech drive and clutch system is also making its way to the new Alterras from the brand’s snowmobiles.

But whether you’re hitting the trails on a classic or brand-new Alterra, you’ll need first-class ATV lighting to complement the performance of these versatile beasts. DENALI LED light systems are just the thing to illuminate the road ahead of your Alterra.

All Alterra models feature plenty of rack and bumper bar space for the DENALI D4 Hybrid LED lights. These light pods pack 8,750 lumens of power into a ruggedly styled housing that looks just at home on the Alterra. The hybrid lens – with two elliptical flood lenses and two spot beams – are perfect for bumper lights or driving lights on your favorite ATV.

If you need a bit more or a bit less light power, we also offer the D7 and S4 LED Light Pods. All of them come with DENALI DataDim Technology that automatically switches between half and full intensity with Alterra’s OEM high beam switch.

For places to mount these pods, you’re spoiled for options. DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps grip safely onto any of the many bars on the Alterra thanks to their octagonal inner profile. The rotating mounting shelf lets you point the pods straight ahead or angle them to act as ditch lights.

When you need your lights to turn with the Alterra’s handlebar, you can’t go wrong with the D2 Handlebar Light Pods. These compact but super bright lights will easily beat the Alterra’s OEM high beams. They come with easy-to-install handlebar mounts that let you angle the spot lights just how you need them.

We also have the rear of your Alterra covered. The B6 Brake Light Kit is designed to mount flush and shines brightly in all conditions. The T3 Pods make for excellent rock lights for the Alterra’s wheel well, and we also have a backup light kit available so you don’t reverse into a pesky tree or boulder.

For powering the lights, nothing beats the DENALI Premium Powersports Harness. It’s just the right fit for the Alterra, and comes with a waterproof, illuminated On-Off switch. The harness also features our HotSwap technology that allows you to smoothly swap the standard single-intensity relay with our DataDim Controller.

Arctic Cat Alterra may have gone away for a while, but like the Phoenix, it only came back stronger. With DENALI ATV lighting systems, you’ll ensure your Alterra blazes just as brightly as the legendary reborn firebird.