Honda Pioneer UTV LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 13 2021

The Honda Pioneer is an off-roading beast deserving of potent DENALI LED accessory lighting. Bolt on a set of bumper lights, spotlights, rock lights, or brake lights with easy to install DENALI kits. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Honda UTV. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Honda Pioneer. 

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Honda Pioneer

Honda Pioneer Accessories

D7 Light Pods - DNL.D7.050
Articulating Bar Clamp - LAH.00.10600.B
D4 Light Pods - DNL.D4.050
T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200

T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200
High-Power S4 Backup Lights - DNL.S4.050
B6 LED Brake Light - DNL.B6.10000

Polaris RZR Products

*This video features a Polaris UTV, but all the same product applications apply to your Honda Pioneer!

Honda Pioneer Lighting & Accessories 

UTV Honda Pioneer

Honda is known for building reliable and cutting edge cars, that reliability and technology has crossed into the Honda Pioneer 1000. Honda is a newcomer to the UTV market and the Pioneer 1000 is oriented towards the Utility aspect in UTV. Honda has really put some thought into the design of this hard working vehicle with plenty of tech behind it. While the Pioneer 1000 might not be a thoroughbred racehorse, it is certainly a capable workhorse with everything you need to get your work done.

The 2021 Honda Pioneer is there to get the job done without skimping on comfort. The Pioneer 1000 has twin cam 999cc engines making a respectful 76 horsepower, it’s paired with Honda’s Dual-Clutch 6-speed transmission. The Pioneer 1000 uses Honda’s proprietary Intelligent 4-Wheel Drive System in conjunction with torque-sensing limited slip differential, the 4-Wheel Drive System can mimic a locking differential. 

Due to the 4WD system the driver experiences better traction without sacrificing the driver’s experience. While it isn’t meant to speed through a trail, it still has the suspension clearance to traverse over most obstacles in its way. What’s impressive about this little worker is it’s towing capacity, an impressive 2000lbs. 

Adding fog lights makes getting that project done easier and safer, DR1 LED Light Kit is a great mountable LED light upgrade. You don’t stop working because the sun goes down and neither will these LED lights. The DR1 is a perfect fog light for low light conditions because of the beam's long distance visibility. 

When hauling a load with your Honda Pioneer 1000 visibility is important, increase the visibility of your Pioneer with a DRL Visibility lighting kit. Whether you’re loading or unloading better visibility makes it safer.

The D7 LED Light Pods are great flood lights, perfect for a UTV because it allows you to add lighting just about anywhere. Whether it's the critter in your yard or an impromptu light source for an unexpected job. Increase the intensity of the D7 LED Light Pod simply by flipping the switch of DENALI’s dual intensity controller. 

The Wireless Charging Phone Mount with CANsmart connection is a rugged phone charger that mounts on your Honda Pioneer 1000 so you’re always connected! It will keep your phone charged so you can stay in-touch with your co-workers on a job site. This ensures your phone can keep up with your demanding work flow.

DENALI has you covered with almost any electrical accessory you’ll ever need. LED lights for any given application, built for the tough off-road lifestyle. DENALI lights and mounts that are flexible with a vast variety of LED Light mounting options for any given situation.