Triumph Scrambler 1200 LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 20 2021

The Triumph Scrambler might have a vintage look, but it is a thoroughly modern machine that can benefit from the addition of fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn. No matter what, DENALI has what you need. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Triumph Scrambler. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

Polaris RZR Products

Triumph Scrambler 1200 LED Light Outfitting Guide

Featured Triumph Scrambler DENALI Accessories



(1) T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals - DNL.T3.10000
(2) D4 LED Light Pods - DNL.D4.050
(3) Fork Clamp Light Mount - LAH.00.10500.B
(4) SoundBomb Split Horn - TT-SB.10100.B
(5) DRL White Visibility Pod  - DNL.DRL.002
(6) Flush Mount for DRL Visibility Pod - LAH.DRL.10200


(7) DialDim™ Lighting Controller - DNL.WHS.20500
(8) Rear T3 Switchback on License Plate Mount - DNL.T3.10600
(9) B6 LED Brake Light on License Plate Mount - DNL.B6.10000


    Polaris RZR Products

    Triumph Scrambler Lighting & Accessories 

    When you think about it, Triumph’s iconic Bonneville family was the basis for many “desert sleds” back in the days before hyper specialization split heavier street-based bikes and buzzing-hornet two-stroke pure-dirtbikes into distinct categories. The new Scrambler 1200 follows the real old-school idea of taking the Bonneville’s engine and chassis—in today’s terms that’s a liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crankshaft for good torque and a meaty feeling—and fettling (as the Brits would say) the whole into a passably good adventure sled. With almost 90 horsepower on tap and more than 80 foot-pounds of torque, the Scrambler 1200’s engine seems more than up to trail duty and definitely on the beam for backroad strafing and weekend touring. The high pipe on the right is styled to make boomers weak in the knees. 

    Even then, there’s something a little more serious about the new Scrambler 1200. For one thing, it has real dirtbike-sized wheels, a 21-inch hoop up front and a 17-incher out back, which should make all sorts of knobby tires accessible, should you decide to get even more serious about your off roading. The suspension is longer, lifting the Scrambler’s not-so-delicate underbelly from the terrain and providing just the right cush for the rider. If contemporary reviews are any indication, Triumph did well balancing the style aspects with real performance that’s uniquely versatile. 

    For our part, DENALI stands ready to outfit your Scrambler 1200 with the latest in powerful, cool-running LED auxiliary lights to make life easier while you’re single-track riding at night (because you can) or even just so other cars see you on the road. Mounting options include DENALI’s rugged Articulating Bar Clamp that brings a custom-looking but secure way to bolt your DENALI lights onto the Scrambler’s fork tube. If you got the Triumph Accessory case guards, there’s another place for smaller lights, and don’t forget that you can add DENALI’s DRLs to the fork legs, the B6 tail light (as a single or in pairs) to the shapely back side of your Scrambler, or use the T3 Modular Signal Pods on the Triumph’s hand guards. Wherever you put them, DENALI’s lights all come with full installation instructions, and most have fully water-sealed pre-fabricated harnesses with everything you need to complete the installation. You can make even multiple lights integrate into the Scrambler 1200’s brazen styling, because we make it easy.