Street & Sport Outfitting Guide

Our products for street and sport bikes are designed to provide maximum performance from the smallest most low profile housings possible so you can add accessories without ruining the original aesthetic of your bike.

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Use this street and sport motorcycle outfitting guide to view our featured products and applications for your motorcycle. To see exactly what products fit your bike use our Shop by Vehicle tool. 

What Fits My Bike

Guida all'allestimento delle luci a LED per moto da strada

LED Driving Lights

Our 2.0 light kits are the brightest, most feature-rich LED light kits in their class. Our HiDrive™ LEDs, Tri-Optic™ Lens system, and DataDim™ Technology are just a few of the unique features you will only find in DENALI 2.0 lights.

Low Profile, High Performance

Our DM light was specifically designed for street and sport applications. At under 2 inches round our DM light kit will outshine your headlight but practically disapear once installed. 

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Mounting Solutions

We take the time to develop more motorcycle specific light mounts than any other brand on the market. We believe in providing only complete solutions so you can spend more time on your bike and less time in your garage.

Street & Sport Light Mounts

We offer a variety of light mounting options specifically designed to position lights in the ideal location on sport and standard motorcycles. To see exactly what fits your bike use our Shop by Vehicle tool. 

What Fits My Bike

Fender Mounts

Our fender mount is the most low profile mounting option and is ideal for mounting DM and D2 lights down low to maximize your visibility to other motorists. 

Offset Pivot Mount

Our most versatile light mount is designed to position DM and D2 lights above, below, in front of or behind an existing M5, M6 or M8 mounting hole. 

Fork Mounts

Our fork clamps mount the lights up high and are the ideal mounting solution for bikes that don't have bulky fairings like naked street bikes.

DRL Mounts

These low profile mounts are available in both flat and 90 degree options to mount our DRLs to your fairing, frame or front fender. 

Visibility Lighting

Our visibility line consists of forward and rear facing visibility pods that are designed to be flush mounted or integrated into a variety of universal housings and mounting kits. Like emergency strobe lights, our DRL optics are designed to concentrate the light at the source making them incredibly bright to look at.

White & Amber DRL Kits

Mount a set of our white or amber DRL pods to your bikes fairing, radiator, or front fender to drastically increase your visibility to other motorists without breaking the bank. Complete with an integrated dual intensity circuit, the lights can be wired to run at full intensity, half intensity or automatically switch between the two with your vehicle's original high beam switch. 

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SoundBomb™ Horns

Our SoundBomb™ horns are incredibly loud but will practically disappear once installed. Our Split Horn and SoundBomb™ Mini were specifically designed to fit in small spaces commonly found on street and sport motorcycles.