The DENALI SoundBomb Mini is EASY to Install

8月 11 2023

The DENALI SoundBomb Mini is EASY to Install
The DENALI SoundBomb Mini is EASY to Install

Text and photos by: Kane Wagner

The loud bass-filled tone echoed through the valley, bouncing off the rocky walls. Muted slightly by the conifers grasping the steep rocky facade like nature’s beard, the DENALI SoundBomb Mini Horn called out to the rescue team. A rider, enjoying the gnarly terrain, miscalculated an obstacle and found himself at the bottom of the lonely ravine. Unable to remove himself from his precarious situation, a call to the cavalry in the form of the low tone blast of his motorcycle horn acted as an SOS. Luckily other riders heard the DENALI scream. The SoundBomb Mini, twice as loud as the stock horn, was able to penetrate the dense valley covering and begin the process of motorcycle recovery from the wilderness trap…

Installing the DENALI SoundBomb Mini is a breeze. Because the Mini only draws 5 amps while in use, the factory wiring is more than adequate and the Mini can be installed in place of the stock horn. If for some reason your stock horn can't provide the needed 5 amps or doesn't have the blade-style electrical connections, simply add the DENALI Horn Harness for trouble free installation. 


Step 1: Identify the Mounting Location

The DENALI SoundBomb Mini can be mounted in various locations, depending on your motorcycle's design and your personal preference. However, the most common location to mount the SoundBomb Mini is in place of the stock disk-style horn. Because the Mini is a similar size and uses a standard mounting bolt, finding a good location on most bikes is extremely simple. 

Step 2: Remove the Stock Horn 

If your motorcycle has a stock horn installed in the chosen location, you'll need to remove it to make room for the DENALI SoundBomb Mini. Start by disconnecting the horn's blade connectors and then unbolt the horn from its mounting point. Keep the stock hardware aside, as you may need it later for mounting the DENALI horn.


Step 3: Mount the DENALI SoundBomb Mini

Securely attach the SoundBomb Mini to the chosen location on your motorcycle. Ensure that it is positioned in a way that maximizes sound projection while avoiding any interference with other components and potential direct spray from road spray. 

It is recommended to not over tighten the bolt on the rear of the SoundBomb Mini. The horn should be secure, but should give way if rotated with pressure. Tighten the M6 nut to no more than 6.5 ft.-lbs. If the horn is too tight, it might not sound correctly. 

Step 4: Connect the Horn

Connect the SoundBomb Mini to the stock horn wiring. If using the DENALI Horn Wiring Harness, Identify which wire on the OEM harness is positive (+) and which wire is negative (-). Then use the Posi-Tap Connectors to tap the DENALI Horn Wiring Harness to the OEM harness. The Red Wire should be tapped to the OEM positive (+) wire, the Blue Wire should be tapped to the OEM negative (-) wire.

Step 5: Test the Horn

Before finalizing the installation, it's crucial to test the horn to ensure it's functioning correctly. Reconnect the motorcycle's battery, turn on the ignition, and activate the horn button. Listen for the distinctive and attention-grabbing sound of the DENALI SoundBomb Mini. If the horn does not sound or sounds weak, double-check all connections and wiring.

At 113 decibels the distinct low-tone sound from the Denali Electronics SoundBomb Mini Motorcycle Horn is twice as loud as a typical 100 decibel disc horn. The SoundBomb is designed to be a direct Plug & Play upgrade from your factory horn requiring no additional relay or wiring harness as long as the original horn has blade-style electrical connections. When stock isn't quite enough, be heard with the SoundBomb Mini!

If you need even more SoundBomb than the Mini can provide, check out the DENALI SoundBomb Original, with 120 decibels of noise to keep you safe on the road!

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