Welcome to the DENALI Dealer Portal

Price File Download 

Click on one of the links below to download your price file. Please understand that you will only be able to download the price file that corresponds to your price level.  


Master Application Chart Download 

Please understand that this file is currently only available to Distributors and Dealers who stock/merchandise the entire DENALI product line. If you would like to request access to this data please contact your rep. 

Starter Fluid™ Packages & Order Forms  

We want to make it as easy to sell our products as it is to install them. Ask our sales team to build a customized opening order for you! You can also build your own order using the two different methods below.  

Sales & Marketing Tools  

Use the links below to access everything you'll need to get set up and start selling DENALI in-store or online. Can't find what you need? Contact our sales team and we'll add it here moving forward. 

  • Product Image Download - The easiest way to grab a few full resolution images is to simply right click on the image on the product page and download it right from there. Alternatively, you can access all product images in our downloadable price file.   

  • Master Logo File - Download our PDF Master Logo File. Please remember to only use these official versions of our logo.  

  • Online Outfitting Guides - View our online outfitting guides. These product application references provide invaluable info on how to configure some of the most popular vehicles on the market.
  • BMW Sell Sheets - These PDF outfitting guides have a product checklist on the back making them the easiest way to walk a customer thorough the entire outfitting experience. 

  • Dealer Display System - Check out our modular display system and streamlined program that offers free displays for qualifying orders.
  • DENALI Swag - Get super low pricing on DENALI swag so you can run successful promotions year-round. 


CANsmart™ Software Download 

Get the CANsmart™ Software and lean how to set up your customers with unapparelled accessory features and settings.  

Product Certification Documents & Instruction Manuals 

Click on the links below to download instruction manuals and certification documents  

  • Product Installation Manuals - Our instruction manuals are linked at the bottom of each product page. Browse products to reference a specific instruction manual.