Indian Chief LED Light Outfitting Guide

11月 09 2021

Indian Motorcycles returned to the motorcycle the scene with an offering of classically styled American cruisers. One of the most popular models is the Indian Chief. Accessorize your Indian Chief with DENALI LED lights for improved visibility. Your Indian Chieftain can be decked out with LED lighting accessories to add to your safety, allow you to see more of the road ahead, and help others see you better. Equip your Indian with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added conspicuity. Here are some of our most popular products for Indian cruisers. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Indian Chief. 

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    The Indian Chief was originally introduced in 1922. It has a long and rich history in the minds and hearts of classic motorcycle enthusiasts. The modern day version of the Chief began in 2014 and embodies the spirit of the original Chief.

    The standard Chief is powered by a 1,811cc air-cooled, 49-degree Thunderstroke V-twin, cranking out 108lb-ft of much needed torque for the larger chassis. Speaking of the chassis, the fit and finish of  it is absolutely quality. It walks the fine line of retro and modern styling that many yearn for. 

    Consider upgrading your 2021 Indian Chief headlights with D7 LED Light Kit because of its wide field of view, ideal for late night rides. The D7s also have the ability to increase the brightness of the lights in seconds to dual intensity at the flick of a switch. This is possible thanks to DENALI’s plug-and-play Dual-Intensity Controller making it easy to increase visibility in seconds.

    DANELI’s DM LED Light Kit is designed to concentrate lighting power in a small form. It’s a super-compact light that is incredibly bright. Increased visibility adds to a rider’s confidence level and makes each trip more enjoyable.

    Even on this loud and larger than life motorcycle visibility is key. Add DENALI’s DRL Visibility Lighting kit to your Indian Chief as an extra safety measure. Combine those LED lights with DENALI’s T3 Modular Switchback Signal Pods for maximum visibility!

    Riding the Chief is quite the enjoyable experience, don’t let that experience end just because your phone died. DENALI has the solution, enter the Wireless Charging Phone Mount with CANsmart™ connection is a rugged phone charger that mounts on your Indian Chief, so you can keep on riding! An easily installed phone charging mount is perfect for a long cross-country road trip.

    DENALI offers every LED light you'll need for any application for your 2021 Indian Chief. No matter where your Indian takes you, DENALI has you covered with almost any electrical accessory you'll need. They offer a wide range of LED Lights and mounts to fit any application.