KTM EXC-F, XC-W, & XCF-W Accessory Outfitting Guide

12月 20 2022

KTM Lighting Accessories

The KTM EXC-F 500 is the top dog in KTM's diverse line of 4-stroke enduro motorcycles. And if you're anything like us, we know your are looking to go fast, get dirty, ditch what you don't need, and upgrade to high performance, low-profile alternatives. Our Rally Series Enduro Headlight Kits and T3 Switchback Turn Signals are purpose built to give enduro riders industry-leading light output in the smallest and most durable package possible. 

Polaris RZR Products

KTM EXC Enduro Headlight and Accessories Outfitting Guide


Featured Accessories for KTM EXC, XC-W, & XCF-W

(1) T3 Front SwitchBack Turn Signals w/ M8 Stud Mount 
(2) Bike-Specific Enduro Rally Headlight Kit 
(3) Upper Driving Light (S4, D3, D2 or DM)
(4) Fork Tube Light Mount

(5) DialDim Lighting Controller  
(6) Rally Phone Mount w/ Wireless Charging 
(7) T3 Rear SwitchBack Turn Signals w/ M8 Stud Mount 
B6 Auxiliary Brake Light 


    Polaris RZR Products

    Watch the Video - LED Headlight Retrofit Kits! 

    Join us inside the DENALI design Lab and take a closer look at our new line of Enduro Headlight Kits based on our best-selling D4 and D7 high-intensity driving lights. 

    Our KTM Rally Headlight Kits are the easiest and most low-profile way to add our industry-leading offroad lighting to your KTM or Husqvarna enduro motorcycle! We use 3D scanning technology to guarantee a perfect fit in your original headlight mask. Our kits include a plug-&-play wiring adapter and our proven DataDim controller so the DENALI light pods will jump between half and full intensity with your original high beam switch! 

    By using a proper PWM dimming module, our kits our more reliable and draw half the power (on low) than the competitors who use inefficient resistor dimming. This outdated approach strains the LEDs, creates heat, and draws full power even on low.