BMW F850GS LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 27 2021

The BMW F850 GS is an adventure bike for the everyday rider, but it can be made better with the addition of LED lighting accessories from DENALI Electronics. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW GS. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW F850 GS. 

Polaris RZR Products

BMW F850 GS Lighting

Featured BMW F850GS DENALI Accessories


(1) T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals - DNL.T3.10000
(2) D4 LED Light Pods - DNL.D4.050  
(3) Bike-Specific Upper Light Mount - LAH.07.11400
(4) Soundbomb Original Air Horn -  TT-SB.10000.B  
(5) Bike-Specific Horn Mount - HMT.07.10800
(6) Universal Fender Light Mount - LAH.00.10700.B
(7) D2 LED Light Pods - DNL.D2.050


(8) CANsmart Controller - DNL.WHS.11702
(9) Rear T3 Switchback Turn Signal Pods - DNL.T3.10300
(10) B6 LED Brake Light - DNL.B6.10000

Polaris RZR Products

BMW F 850 GS Accessories


BMW F850GS Lighting & Accessories 

For adventure riders who don’t feel the need to carry an entire tiny house in their luggage or pack for an epic six-month social-distancing experiment, the midsized BMW F850GS and F850GS Adventure might be the best choice in BMW’s catalog. Nimble, more than powerful enough, and light enough that those rock-strewn singletracks and “how deep is that?” sand washes seem just that little bit less intimidating. And what price can you put on confidence, after all?

Displacing 853cc, the F850GS’s parallel-twin engine gets the now-common 270-degree crank for a hearty feel with lots of personality without sacrificing power or torque. Power is 90 horsepower, torque is 63 foot-pounds, more than enough for 99% of adventure riders in 99% of their adventures. And to make sure you can fit real off-road rubber, BMW gave the F850GS and GS Adventure a true 21-inch front wheel, opening up so many tire possibilities, from touring oriented to hard-core knobs and everything in between.

Because the F850GS and GS Adventure—notable mainly for its bigger, 6.1-gallon gas tank and standard crash bars—are very much BMW GSes, the company gave it the best equipment, and so do we. Super-strong, adventure-tested bike-specific mounts make any DENALI light pod usable on the F850GS. The frame mount keeps the lights tucked in, so that tree or rock wall won’t grab a souvenir, but placed for the best illumination you can get. And that’s something we know about, from the blazing D7 with more than 15,000 lumens, enough almost to start your campfire without a match, to the compact D4 and even more compact four-light S4. We’ve built the DENALI mounts to carry any of our lights in any configuration. But you can keep going, with crashbar mounts, fork-leg mounts, and even daytime running lights (DRL) that mount to the lower fork legs. 

Thanks to BMW’s generous use of CANbus technology, the F850GS can use our amazing CANsmart light controller system. Imagine, if you will, turning all your lighting accessories on and off with just the handlebar switches that came on the bike. Stop just imagining, it’s true; CANsmart will handle four driving lights, a SoundBomb horn, and a B6, six-LED brake light from a package the size of a stick of gum. Even better, CANsmart make installation a true breeze, thanks to professional-grade waterproof connectors that can only work one way. There’s really no way to mess up a CANsmart installation—except for not getting one in the first place.