BMW R1250GS LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 22 2021

The BMW GS is a fine adventure bike to begin with, but can be made better with the addition of LED lighting accessories from DENALI Electronics. LED spot lights and fog lights will allow you to see more of the road and help others see you better. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW GS. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW R1250 GS. 

Polaris RZR Products

BMW R1250GSA Landscape Layout

Featured BMW R1250GS / Adventure DENALI Accessories


(1) Bike-Specific Horn Mount - HMT.07.11000
(2) Soundbomb Split Dual-Tone Air Horn -  TT-SB.10100.B  
(3) Bike-Specific Light Mount - LAH.07.11101
(4) D7 LED Light Pods - DNL.D7.050.W  
(5) BMW OEM Light Mount Adapter - LAH.07.10900
(6) D3 LED Fog Light Pods with Selective Yellow Lenses - DNL.D3.051.Y
(7) D2 LED Light Pods with Amber Lenses - DNL.D2.050.A
(8) Fender Driving Light Mount - LAH.00.10700.B


(9) CANsmart Controller  - DNL.WHS.11602
(10) Rear T3 Switchback Turn Signal on License Plate Mount - DNL.T3.10600
(11) B6 LED Brake Light on License Plate Mount - DNL.B6.10000


Polaris RZR Products


BMW R1250GSA Products


BMW R1250GS / Adventure Lighting & Accessories 

BMW’s R1250GS and R1250GS Adventure have been at the top of the adventure-bike pyramid for a long time, for good reason. The current generation is even better, with more power, more sophistication, but still able to tear up a twisty road and rip down a rocky slope with equal ease. Rugged, fun to ride and immensely capable, the big GS is pretty much everything you want in an adventure bike. 

But while it’s been upgraded with LED lighting already, it can be made radically better with DENALI’s auxiliary driving lights. Because the big GS is so versatile, it’s capable of handling every light in the extensive DENALI lineup, including the crazy-bright D7 LED lights with exclusive DataDim technology. A pair of round-format D7s use 14 10-watt Cree LEDs to pound out more than 15,000 lumens. For your GS and GS-A, choose from a range of mounts, including a special vehicle-specific mount as well as a converter to use existing factory mounts. You can even choose a DENALI option to mount your lights on the crashbar or engine guard.

Other options for your BMW R1250GS and GS Adventure include DENALI’s popular four-light D4, the compact and cost-effective square-format S4, and bright, effective DRLs. All of DENALI’s lighting products can be set up for single intensity or dual-intensity with the exclusive DataDIM technology, but for the 2019-2021 R1250GS, there’s a better option in the CANsmart controller. CANsmart uses the brains already aboard the BMW to control two sets of lights, a locomotive-loud SoundBomb horn, and a B6 LED brake light all from the existing handlebar controls. With CANsmart, it’s possible to automatically dim the driving lights based on the high and low beam, flash them when you honk the horn, and myriad other combinations that improve safety and peace of mind on the road—or on the trail. Even better, CANsmart makes the already-easy DENALI installation even simpler. CANsmart is totally plug and play, with weatherproof connectors and a scheme that lets you do it right the first time. Put your soldering iron away, Chet.

BMW’s R1250GS and GS Adventure are the highest expression of the company’s adventure-bike knowledge, and that’s true of DENALI’s world-beating LED lighting products. With years of development and after listening to thousands of GS owners, DENALI has an unmatched product line that fits into the BMW R1250GS’s world with Bavarian perfection. Outfit your GS like never before with DENALI motorcycle driving lights.