BMW S1000XR LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 27 2021

Your BMW XR can be outfitted with better LED lighting accessories to allow you to see more of the road ahead and help others see you better. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW XR. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW S1000XR. 

Polaris RZR Products

Featured BMW S1000XR DENALI Accessories

Featured BMW S1000XR DENALI Accessories



(1) T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals - DNL.T3.10000
(2) SoundBomb Split Horn - TT-SB.10100.B
(3) Bike-Specific Horn Mount  - HMT.07.10600
(4) D3 LED Fog Light Pods with Selective Yellow Lenses - DNL.D3.051.Y
(5) Crash Bar Driving Light Mount - LAH.00.10300.B
(6) DRL White Visibility Pod  - DNL.DRL.002
(7) Fender Mount for DRL Visibility Pod - LAH.DRL.10000


(8) Denali CANsmart Controller (2) - DNL.WHS.11702
(9) T3 Switchback M8 Turn Signals (Rear) - DNL.T3.10100
(10) B6 LED Brake Light on License Plate Mount - DNL.B6.10000

Polaris RZR Products

BMW S1000XR Lighting & Accessories 


You could argue that only BMW would take the profile and comfortable seating position of an adventure bike and marry it to a lightweight chassis with a Superbike-proven four-cylinder engine and call it a thing. In this case, that’s the S1000XR, a category buster for supersport enthusiasts who don’t want punishing riding positions or luggage options that extend only to tankbags and backpacks. No, they want racebike levels of horsepower and the ability to fit hard luggage, heated everything, and all the other travel goodies the modern rider demands. With the BMW S1000XR, they get all of that.

And while the BMW S1000XR is high tech, DENALI makes it better, with a full line of motorcycle driving lights that far outshine the factory lighting. Choose from any of the DENALI motorcycle LED driving lights in the catalog, they’ll all fit. Start at the top, with the D7, a pair of which uses 14 Cree LEDs to send a scorching beam of light down the road. Or choose the versatile D4, whose four 10-watt Cree LEDs work with a proprietary optics set and interchangeable lenses to provide Spot, Spot-Hybrid, or True-Hybrid beam patterns.

Your S1000XR can be fitted with other DENALI products to improve safety and conspicuity. Forward-facing DRL (daytime running lights) can be fitted to your XR’s fender, while the B6 tail light can help improve your conspicuity from the rear. Naturally, the DENALI SoundBomb horn can come along for the ride, vying with your XR’s howling four-cylinder engine for public attention.

Mounting options for the S1000XR include beautiful machined-aluminum articulating-clamp fork mounts or crashbar mounts, should you have given your XR that extra little bit of crash protection. All of DENALI’s mounts have been proven through years of testing—by us and by our customers! The unique design of these DENALI clamp mounts makes them extra versatile, allowing you to find exactly the right fit and beam position for your needs.

Best of all, your S1000XR can use CANsmart, which employs the smarts already aboard the BMW to control two sets of lights, a stunning SoundBomb horn, and a B6 LED brake light all from the existing handlebar controls. CANsmart can dim the driving lights based on the high and low beam, flash them when you honk the horn, and myriad other combinations that provide increased safety. CANsmart also makes the already-easy DENALI installation even simpler. CANsmart is totally plug and play, with weatherproof connectors and a scheme that lets you do it right the first time.

DENALI has LED driving, fog, and auxiliary lights to help you get where you are going no matter how bad the weather, and make sure your bike is visible in fog, rain, and mud.