Honda CBR1000RR LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

Honda CBR sportbikes are known for speed and performance. Naturally, you'll need to see farther when riding one. DENALI Electronics LED lighting accessories are meant to do just that, enhance safety, allow you to see more of the road ahead, and help others see you better. Equip your Honda with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added conspicuity. Here are some of our most popular products for the Honda CBR1000RR. Click on the button to shop all products that fit Honda sportbikes. 

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    Honda’s CBR1000RR supersport motorcycle has been delighting sportbike enthusiasts since 2004. And even though it has been through a number of revisions over the years, with the latest coming for the 2020 model year and embracing a number of MotoGP technologies that Honda perfected on the racetrack, the CBR1000RR has managed to combine high performance with a level of civility that is wholly unexpected for a frontline sportbike. 

    Maybe that’s why, with so many Suzuki GSX-Rs and Yamaha R1s sticking close to the garage except for weekend fun days or time on the track, the Honda CBR1000RR is so often seen out there, tackling light touring or running the daily commute. For many practical-minded sportbike fans—perhaps that’s an oxymoron—the CBR1000RR is the defensible “one bike” to own.

    That said, DENALI’s offerings for the Honda Fireblade (as our European friends call it) only help expand the CBR’s capabilities and help make it more conspicuous on the road, something every daily rider thinks about. DENALI has developed a versatile Driving Light Mount kit for 5mm and 6mm fender brackets that will easily carry the lighter-weight LED driving lights (with the new four-LED S4, the adaptable D2, and the compact DM among them) to help improve on the Honda’s headlight and provide important conspicuity for the rider with others on the road. 

    Style-conscious CBR1000RR owners appreciate the sleek design of DENALI’s DRL visibility pods. There’s a kit with an Offset Mount that can tuck a pair of high-intensity daytime running lights into the fairing near the radiator, or use a fender mount to place these six-LED, dual-intensity lights for maximum effect. They’re available with amber or white lenses, and can provide a big increase in the CBR1000RR’s visual footprint, as it were, making you much more visible to other drivers and, one hopes, to that Tesla on autopilot.

    Here’s another cool trick from the designers at DENALI Electronics: the T3 signal pod. Available for flush mounting, fender mounting, or crashbar mounting, the T3 pods can replace the turnsignals while also operating as a white DRL for the front or a red alternate brake light for the rear-facing applications. It’s worth remembering that all of DENALI’s products for the CBR1000RR come with full instructions, the wiring harnesses you need, the proper connectors, and necessary hardware to complete the installation. DENALI’s LED lighting products are time proven by adventure tourers riding in the harshest conditions, making them as well designed and highly developed as your Honda CBR1000RR.