D7 PRO Dual-Beam

The most powerful feature-rich 4-inch light ever released!

D7 PRO Dual-Beam Driving Light

With Modular X-Lens System

Picture the most powerful 4" driving light ever built, then add a flood beam and a spot beam, a multi-color DRL mode, fully dimmable circuits, and the option to change the beam shape and beam color on the fly. That's the D7 PRO, and it looks even better than it sounds. 

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Features & Specs

Insane Performance + Unmatched Features

Brightest Light under 4.5” Ever

11,600 Lumens // 98 watts

Dual-Beam Technology
Independent control of inner flood or outer spot

Modular Snap-On X-Lens
Interchangeable DRL or flood beam color

DRL Boost Mode
Dim center DRL or dial up to high power flood beam

Integrated Turn Signal Mode
Flash center amber LEDs w/ turn signal

DialDim & CANsmart Control
Independent dimming & smart control

Includes Everything in One Kit
Clear, Amber, & Yellow X-Lens Included

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