Do I Need Auxiliary Brake Lights?

10月 01 2021

Brake Lights
Brake Lights


Did you know that 29% of all car accidents and 25% of all motorcycle accidents are rear end collisions? Most motorists take their vehicle's lighting for granted, and when shopping for auxiliary lights, attention is usually spent on the front of the vehicle. Statistics show a large portion of accidents involve the rear of a vehicle, so why would you overlook such an important aspect of vehicle lighting? Unlike most lighting manufacturers, DENALI doesn’t overlook rear lighting because we know it is just as important as lighting the front of your vehicle!


Auxiliary Brake Lights Make You Safer

The lighting on your vehicle is primarily there for 3 reasons; safety, communication, and to see what is ahead of you when it’s dark (also safety related). The safety aspect is easy to understand. If you have visible lights on your vehicle, other highway users are able to see you more easily. You are also able to see objects on the road or trail easier, and the faster you see it the more time you have to react.


Have you ever thought about how the lighting on your vehicle communicates with other drivers around you? Visible headlights let others know you are coming their way. Bright turn signals can indicate direction of a turn - or be used as hazards if stopped on the side of the road. Your brake lights are one of the most important methods of communicating with other vehicles! When someone is following behind you at the same rate of speed, a simple tap of the brake lights can slow them down a bit or warn them that a stop is approaching. 


DENALI B6 Dual LED Brake Light Kit with License Plate Mount

Purpose built to create the most amount of light from the smallest, most low-profile, housing possible, the B6 is unbelievably bright but will practically disappear once installed on your vehicle. Complete with a waterproof micro connector and included posi-taps, the B6 will plug-n-play directly to the DENALI CANsmart controller or connect into any vehicle brake light circuit. Mounting options are available for motorcycle lower license plate, motorcycle dual license plate or any vehicle flush mount applications. Offset and fender mounting brackets are also available and useful depending on your mounting location requirements - perfect for motorcycles! 

The B6 consists of 6 red LED’s which are mounted in a waterproof flush mount housing. This design works perfectly on cars, trucks, Jeeps, overlanding vehicles, campers, motorcycles and more! This streamlined design is compact and is an easy installation on most vehicles. The B6 acts as both a running light and brake light.

Now that we know that such a large percentage of road accidents are rear end collisions, it makes you realize that most drivers aren’t using their communication tools effectively! Having rear-facing lights that are bright and get other drivers' attention is critically important, especially if you are driving in less than ideal conditions like heavy rain or fog.