BMW F900 R LED Light Outfitting Guide

11月 09 2021

The BMW F900 R is a naked standard roadster for the everyday rider. But it can be made better with the addition of LED lighting accessories from DENALI Electronics. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW F900 R. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW motorcycle. 


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In BMW’s parlance, R isn’t as much for Race (it uses RR for that) as it is for Roadster, a quaintly European way to describe a “naked” motorcycle. You know, minimal bodywork, unpretentious mission profile, easily recognizable form factor with a handlebar at the front, tank in the middle, and seat at the back. Roadster = the way motorcycles have been built since the beginning.

BMW’s F900R is its latest salvo in the Roadster category, benefitting from the new F900 engine, a parallel-twin gem with scads of midrange torque and, finally, a personality you’re not afraid to bring home to the folks. The 270-degree crank makes this parallel-twin engine take on a slightly menacing growl and provide the kind of seismic feedback we all love from V-twin engines. But it’s also narrow, short in the critical front-to-back dimension, and cheaper to build. (Whoever said two heads are better than one never had to produce 20,000 of them on a budget.) 

Key Roadster attributes include doing the things motorcycles have done for ages: transport you and your things to school, take you to work, give you a reason to explore new roads on the weekend, and give you a vehicle for longer cross-country trips loosely called touring. A Roadster is good at all those, even if it’s master of none.

Such versatility suggests you can add comfort and convenience with DENALI lighting. First of all, a long-distance tour is inevitably going to end after dark so premium motorcycle LED lighting is crucial. DENALI provides both clamp-style and fender mounts for the BMW F900R that allow fitting a wide range of our LED auxiliary driving lights for motorcycles. With the clamp mount, the bright-as-bright D7 can fit to the fork legs, as can the compact and amazingly affordable S4, or the super-versatile D4, with three sets of optics and the option for different lens colors, clear or amber. For the fender-mount option, the smaller DM or DENALI D2 LED lights are ideal.

Even better, the F900R has CAN bus electrical architecture, so the innovative CANsmart accessory light controller is an option. CANsmart uses the brains already aboard to control two sets of lights, a locomotive-loud SoundBomb horn, and a B6 LED brake light all from the existing handlebar controls. CANsmart makes the already-easy DENALI installation even simpler. CANsmart is totally plug and play, with weatherproof connectors and a scheme that lets you do it right the first time.