BMW S1000RR LED Light Outfitting Guide

11月 09 2021

Your BMW S1000 RR sport bike is not wanting for more speed. Make sure you don't outrun the headlights by adding better LED lighting to allow you to see more of the road ahead and help others see you better. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW RR. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW S1000RR. 

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Nobody expected BMW to make a true superbike. After all, the brand famous for the R-GS series always seemed driven by and aimed at the graybeards in the group, the ones who came up on Boxer twins and it would be their only motorcycle until they died (any day now…). And when BMW did introduce the S1000RR in 2008, nobody expected it to be so bloody good and so bloody fast.

But that was eons ago by motorcycle standards, and the S1000RR has been a huge success for BMW, all but driving out the Japanese liter-sized sportbikes and bringing lots of dark-haired riders into BMW dealerships. And many of those riders wanted to use their superbikes often, for commuting, track riding, weekend fun flings on twisty roads, and even for some hard-edged touring. Yeah, that can happen.

All that that means you’d better bring your BMW S1000RR’s lighting up to its performance level. As with most sportbikes, the S1000RR can carry a DENALI Driving Light Mount - Fender (which has both 5mm and 6mm hardware) that in turn will mount any of the smaller DENALI lights, from the DM and the D2 up to the compact, square-face S4. If that’s not enough, and it may not be for some hardcore enthusiasts, add a DENALI DRL to either for front fork or the radiator guard; these six-LED lights cast a useful glow onto the road near the bike but, more importantly, make your S1000RR stand out on city streets. There’s no doubt the S1000RR’s speed makes it sneak up on unsuspecting drivers, so every bit of conspicuity helps.

Conspicuity for daily riders also includes the SoundBomb horn, which is designed to fit even into compact bikes such as the S1000RR, as well as the cool new T3 Modular Signal Pods (the ultimate custom trick), and B6 tail lights with six bright LEDs that act as an auxiliary running light and a hugely bright extra brake light. The SoundBomb will get the attention of inattentive drivers before they wander into your lane and try to trade paint with your beautiful S1000RR.

Sometimes you want form without sacrificing function, and that’s where the Flush Mount Micro Turnsignals from DENALI come in. These have two super-bright amber LEDs in teeny-tiny pods that will allow you to replace or duplicate your BMW’s ungainly turnsignals for something much more sleek.