The DENALI Difference

DENALI’s first products, just one light kit and a simple fender mount, were launched in January 2010. They were an immediate hit. Over the next few years, DENALI applied the philosophy of “Complete Motorcycle Solutions” making installation easy by adding mounts and additional lamp shapes and sizes. Today, DENALI is the only brand that can provide a complete lighting and safety package that includes the lights, light mounts, horn, horn mount, auxiliary brake light, and a single intelligent controller to provide integrated control and customization of all your accessories.

DENALI D7 Driving Light

At over 7,500 lumens, the DENALI D7 light pod is one of the brightest LED lights under 4.5 inches engineered to create a full bodied spot beam that can reach over 1200 feet at one lux.

DENALI D3 Driving Light

D3 LED lights are built upon a decade of DENALI innovation to deliver the highest performing 36-watt street-legal driving light to hit the market.

DENALI SoundBomb

Producing an earsplitting 120 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb is 4 times louder than a standard motorcycle hornand twice as loud as a standard car horn!


The CANsmart Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from your existing handlebar switches.

DialDim Lighting Controller - Universal Fit

Our ground-breaking DialDim™ Lighting Controller features a multicolor halo dimming switch that allows you to independently turn on/off and dim two sets of auxiliary lights from a single consolidated wiring harness. The LED halo switch displays your exact settings and allows for effortless dimming on the fly. The blue halo controls light set one and the green halo controls light set two; simply double click to switch between the two circuits.

The controller also features high beam, turn signal, and horn inputs to unlock intelligent flash features that can cancel your aux lights with your turn signal, flash your aux lights as a turn signal, or strobe your lights when you sound your horn.

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Mounts for All of Your Vehicles

We could build the best, most advanced, most durable LED motorcycle lighting you can buy—in fact, we do—but you wouldn’t get half the benefit of improved night lighting, safer off-road trekking, and more comfortable daily commuting without properly mounting those lights. Yes, we’ve thought of that, too, which is why DENALI leads the industry in both bike-specific and universal auxiliary light mounting systems.

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Turn Signals

The T3 is a unique and innovative approach to the common turn signal blending visibility lighting, brake lighting, and turn signal lighting into one modular system.

Brake Lights

Purpose built to create the most amount of light from the smallest, most low-profile, housing possible, the B6 is unbelievably bright but will practically disappear once installed on your vehicle.


Where many accessory manufacturers leave you on your own to fit their products to your vehicle, that’s not the DENALI way. We put a lot of effort into making vehicle-specific and universal mounts for any vehicle.


Wiring harnesses are available for all vehicle types including motorcycles, cars, trucks & SUVs, SXSs and more