Harley-Davidson Road Glide LED Light Outfitting Guide

10月 14 2021

Harley-Davidson Road Glides are considered kings the over-the-road travel. Road Glide owners often customize their bikes with motorcycle accessories for touring comfort and safety. DENALI LED lighting accessories make your Road Glide stand out! Your bagger can be outfitted with LED lighting accessories to add to your safety, allow you to see more of the road ahead, and help others see you better. Equip your H-D touring bike with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added conspicuity. Here are some of our most popular products for Harley-Davidsons. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Harley Road Glide. 

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    Harley-Davidson’s Road Glide has become a key player in The Motor Company’s touring lineup. Where once the Electra Glide with its batwing fairing was the model to have, the Road Glide has taken over as the king of the long-distance touring machine in Harley’s lineup. You can thank its frame-mounted fairing that has undergone years of aerodynamic updates and refinements to provide a still-air pocket for rider and passenger both. This arrangement makes for fatigue-free touring, as well as the ability to use the Road Glide as a daily commuter while staying out of the weather. As an added bonus, the fairing’s weight is carried by the frame and not the steering head, which makes the Road Glide handle better and feel lighter than it has any right to be.

    Since the Road Glide runs on Harley’s latest Touring chassis, it has the benefits of the strongest 107-cubic-inch V-twin engine and the latest electronics, including widespread use of CAN bus technology. Because of that, DENALI offers CANsmart for the Road Glide models dating back to 2014. CANsmart controls two pairs of LED driving lights, a powerful SoundBomb horn, and a B6 tail light (either singly or in pairs) right from the Road Glide’s original hand controls. With that, you get flash-to-pass, flashing of the LED lights when you trigger the horn, and a feature than turns off the auxiliary motorcycle light on the same side as the active turnsignal, helpful to keep the blinker from getting outgunned by the driving light. CANsmart makes installation of DENALI’s LED motorcycle lights as easy as can be, with pre-wired DrySeal connectors and the ability to control the high-current demands of the SoundBomb horn directly, no need for an extra relay or wiring.

    DENALI offers several options for mounting high-intensity driving and auxiliary lights. First off is a dedicated H-D Driving Light Mount, specially designed to connect to the inside of the fender mount for a clean appearance and easy installation. The driving light mount can carry any of DENALI’s LED light sets, from the compact and affordable DM and D2 series to the massively bright D7. You can install other lights by using a clamp mount to the engine guard, and you can add even further to that by choosing to add Daytime Running Light (DRL) visibility kits. Whatever you choose, know that DENALI’s quality and durability are more than a match for your Road Glide.