Suzuki DR-650 LED Light Outfitting Guide

10月 14 2021

The Suzuki DR650 has been around for quite a while. It's a popular favorite for dual sport enthusiasts everywhere. DENALI LED accessories are a perfect addition, fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light adds conspicuity and safety. Here are some of our most popular products for the Suzuki DR650. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Suzuki. 

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Suzuki DR650

In the world of Japanese single-cylinder dual-sport motorcycles, Suzuki’s DR650 is among the oldest and, arguably, the most modified. From the air-cooled, four-valve engine that, for now, is still sporting a carburetor, to the simple steel frame and lack of expensive-to-replace fairing pieces, the DR650 embodies the most simple, direct way to have a midsized thumper for off-road and light touring. Modifications? Oh, yes. Because the bike hasn’t changed significantly since 1996, the aftermarket has created a cozy living making the DR650S more off-road worthy, a better adventure-tourer, and a device of exceptional self expression for their owners. If you find a bone-stock DR650S on CraigsList, you should probably buy it; that’s a rare bird, indeed.

You’re ready to mod? We’re here to help. The Suzuki’s stock headlight is nothing special, but the DENALI solution is adding the M7 DOT-approved LED headlight with a special mount designed just for the DR650S and DR-Z400. The D7 has independent high- and low-beam LED arrays in addition to a halo ring that you can use as a daytime running light (DRL) so you’re better seen on the road and jamming down city streets. The M7 is plug&play with H4 connectors.

Maybe that’s not enough lighting for you. DENALI can also fit any of its LED motorcycle driving lights to the DR650S and SE through Articulating Bar Mounts; sizes are available to fit the upper fork tubes as well as crash guards. The nice thing is that the DENALI lights, despite being the brightest you’ll find in any given size, are also electrically efficient, so you won’t tax your DR650’s electrical system to light up the trail or brighten a dark-morning commute. And don’t forget that you can fit DENALI’s DRL Visibility Pods to the DR650’s front fork for even more visibility on the highway, and the new T3 Signal Pods are perfect to replace your Suzuki’s floppy turnsignals, especially if you have aftermarket hand guards.

Finally, no Suzuki DR650 is complete without a SoundBomb horn. Replace the factory’s weakling hooter with this 120-decibel attention getter. The SoundBomb is available in single-piece form or as the SoundBomb Split, which allows you to put the acoustic unit in a different place than the compressor, a handy trait for a compact dual-sport like the DR650S and SE. So while Suzuki hasn’t changed the DR650 since the 1990s, you don’t have to live with decades-old lighting. 

What’s more, DENALI has a bike-specific horn mount for the amazingly loud SoundBomb horn that fits all versions of the base V-Strom 650 as well as the 2004-’17 V-Strom 650 Adventure. And don’t forget there are also fender mounts for the smaller DENALI lights as well as the DRL modules that help make you seen in traffic.