Husqvarna Vitpilen LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The modern naked standard Husqvarna Vitpilen is an attention grabber! Help make sure other motorists can see you by grabbing even more with the addition of DENALI LED lighting accessories. Whether you're planning to add a single set of fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn DENALI has what you need. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Vitpilen. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Husqvarna.

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Husqvarna Vitpilen 401/701

Husqvarna says that if streets are arteries, then the Vitpilen is the lifeblood running through them. It sounds like corny marketing speech, but for once the description is spot-on.

The White Arrow – as Vitpilen translates from Swedish to English – is an aggressively styled bike whose looks set it apart from your usual café racers. On a superficial glance, its futuristic look could be confused with its Svartpilen sibling. But a closer look reveals an even more streamlined design and racer-like riding ergonomics that just beg for speed.

The speed isn’t reserved just for looks, either. For an entry-level bike, The Vitpilen’s single-cylinder engine puts out a respectable 77 horses on the 701 model. Even the 401 can achieve 44 horsepower. The Vitpilen is just as at home weaving through crowded cities and ripping across country roads.

But while the city lights provide ample illumination, those country roads could get mighty dark after the sun sets. DENALI has an abundance of auxiliary lighting options to keep your Vitpilen rides bright and safe.

The bike comes with premium OEM LED head and tail lights, but a simple upgrade to DENALI M7 and M5 can light your way twice as far. Equipped with a halo DRL, the DENALI headlights slot seamlessly into the existing housing, and their unique look gives the already futuristic Vitpilen some extra style points.

When it comes to installing other auxiliary driving lights, the Vitpilen’s frame is pretty much ideally designed. It has a slew of bars – on top of the forks – that are perfect for attaching the DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps. Their octagonal inner profile clamps safely onto bars of any diameter, and their blacked-out styling blends them into the Vitpilen’s factory look.

Our S4, D4, and D7 LED Light Pods are just the things to screw onto the clamps. They throw down an impressive beam, up to15,000 lumens of brightness (on the D7 pods), and their hybrid lenses make sure you will see where you’re going no matter the conditions. The bar clamps’ rotating mounting shelf allows you to angle the light straight forward, or slightly to the sides if you need ditch lights. Don’t let any pesky risks sneak up on you from your peripheral vision.

Each of these light pods also features DENALI DataDim Technology. Easily switch between half and full intensity using the Vitpilen’s OEM high beam switch. Their aggressive black housing also mean they won’t stick out like a sore thumb on your bike.

For the rear of your Vitpilen, consider the B6 Brake Light Module. It installs flush on the bike or on your license plate with the appropriate DENALI mounts. Combine the B6 with our T3 Switchback Signal Pods, and your bike will shine brighter in the back than with any OEM solution.

If you need lighting that turns with your handlebar, the DENALI D2 Pods clamp effortlessly to the Vitpilen’s forward-placed bars. Easy to install, the D2 is an ideal solution for spot lighting.

When you need to alert a distracted driver to your presence, you can’t get much louder than our SoundBomb Horn. True to its name, the SoundBomb blares at an earsplitting 120 decibels – four times louder than regular motorcycle horns – so that no one will miss your approach.

For powering your accessories, the DENALI Powersports Wiring Harness works just as well on the Vitpilen as it does on any other bike. The compact, waterproof connections provide your lights the power they need to shine like beacons.

As a cherry on top of it all, you can clear up your wiring mess with the DENALI PowerHub2. It consolidates all battery connections into one compact housing, and can power up to six devices either in “always on” or “switched” modes.

Wherever there’s a street, the Vitpilen brings you a riding experience few comparable bikes can match. And wherever those streets take you, we can help you ride a White Arrow that shines bright enough to truly deserve that name.