Indian Springfield LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Indian Springfield is built for long distance touring. Hard bags and big, clear windscreen help Springfield owners see more of America. DENALI LED Lights and accessories will help your Indian Springfield perform in the long haul. Outfit your Indian with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added visibility. Here are some of our most popular products for Indian tourers and cruisers. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Indian Motorcycle. 

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    The Indian Springfield is the touted as an attempt to make a classic touring bike in the mold of the Harley-Davidson Road King. That’s a popular platform to mimic. 

    Power comes from the Thunderstroke air-cooled V-twin, in size large (111 cubic inches) or extra-large (116 cubic inches), depending on whether you go for the standard model or the Dark Horse. These bikes drip retro art deco style, but they ride like a bike engineered for the 21st-century, because of a thoroughly modern aluminum frame hidden under the beautiful bodywork.

    The standard Indian Springfield bagger comes dressed up with hard bags, cop bike windshield, and classic lightbar. Unfortunately, those factory driving lights and the headlight are old tech halogen units, though the turn signals and taillights are all LEDs. The Springfield Dark Horse is the stripped-down muscle bagger and doesn't come equipped with any driving lights. Either way, count on DENALI's line of high-power LED lighting to help get you from Springfield, MA, to Springfield, OR, and back.

    The DENALI D7 round LED pods measure 4.5-inch in diameter, and can replace the factory spotlights, but they throw out a beam of light more than a quarter-mile in front of you. You can add them to your Dark Horse, too, mounting them to the optional factory light bar and controlling them with the plug-and-play DENALI DataDim controller and the factory high beam switch. If the D7 pods are too big, the smaller DR1 can put out nearly as much light from a smaller package, and the D2 and DM are smaller still.

    If you prefer the function and form of a square pod with driving/spotlight and flood/fog lights, the D4 4-inch pods are what you need. With the hybrid dual focus lenses, a pair of these will shoot a beam of light more than 500-feet ahead of you and spread more than 150-feet wide. If you find yourself in bad weather or fog, use the optional amber lenses to cut through the soup.

    DENALI has the lights to help other motorists see you too. The T3 switchback LED turn signals are available as stalks or in surface mount style, with optional mounting brackets to make them easy to add and pre-wired load resistors. The surface mount DRL lights, in amber or white, make you and your bike much easier to see as you roll down the long lonesome road. Out back, the B6 surface mount pods let everyone know when you hit the brakes, mounting on either side of the license plate or the factory saddlebags.

    That's not all there is, though. DENALI has the ultimate motorcycle phone mount to hold your smartphone securely while wirelessly charging. If you find your Indian Springfield's horn isn't getting the job done, DENALI can help there too. The compact SoundBomb mini electromagnetic horn is twice as loud as a typical factory unit. DENALI has compact dual-tone all-in-one SoundBomb air horns if that still isn't enough, which could wake the least attentive driver.